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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Six-Hour Workday Reaps Benefits is now proven in multiple global studies but is anyone in the executive suites of America’s corporations listening? I fear the only way this will get on the agenda in the board room is if the working populace take the initiative to make it happen. Just like Brexit in the United Kingdom. The will of the people prevails.

While traveling globally for my work with McCann World Group New York I was fortunate to be exposed to many other cultures.  One over-riding thing I learned that is stunning to me – American’s Live to Work, Healthier Cultures Work to Live. Right? Right! And with the advancements of technology we actually work more hours rather than less.

I was raised in the midwest where the virtues of hard work were deeply seeded from the time I could walk. And as I reflect upon my career with much gratitude for the many benefits I enjoyed, I did live up this high standard as so many others have. To be honest, in looking back I wonder WHY? I believe did it mostly in service of others – it was my justification. I wonder what was really required of me?  What drove me to sacrifice so much of my personal time even when not at the office to the JOB?  Can you relate to this? Many Americans work 50 hours a week or more because they think they Good-News-Monday:-Six-Hour-Workday-Reaps-Benefits-1.jpegPINIMAGEfeel the need to over produce for job security or will get more done and reap the benefits later.

However, according to a metastudy published by The Lancet, proper that clock a 55 hour work week have a 33 per cent greater risk of stroke and 13 per cent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than those that maintain a 35 to 40 hour work week. Data from 25 strides that monitored the health of 600,000 people from the U.S., Europe and Australia for up to 8.5 years were analyzed.

Paul Kelly of Oxford’s University’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, notes that even a traditional none-to-five workday is at odds with people’s internal body clocks, contributing to sleep deprivation. Now Sweden is moving toward a standard six-hour workday, with some businesses having already implemented the change. It is reported the shift has maintained productivity while decreasing staff conflicts, because people are happier and better rested. Several Toyota service centers in Gothenburg that switched to a six-hour day 13 years ago also report happier staff, a lower turnover rate and increased ease in enticing new hires.

Good News Monday: Six-Hour Workday Reaps Benefits is worthy of personal consideration. When I left corporate life to start my advisory firm, it became apparent many others choose this alternative path for that very reason. To strike balance in their lives. I do feel this is a CHOICE to make which can enhance your health and wellness on many dimensions. I now realize it to be true. They too want the freedom to make choices about their time and how they would spend it. Now we know the positive health benefits of such choices to convince us.

Smart. Very Smart. Wish I would have embraced this way of working much earlier in my career.

How about you? What are your views on this subject?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Brilliant Keith Urban Concert Rocks Palm Beach With Heart is a tribute to the wonderful experience attending live music concerts can be, as it brings your emotions to the surface and lights up your life with joy.

We got lucky by buying a raffle ticket to support the local Rowing Club offered for sale by a lad in our neighborhood. TenBrilliant-Keith-Urban-Concert-Rocks-Palm-Beach-9.jpegPINIMAGE bucks turned out to be a lucky investment because we won the Grand Prize – A VIP Package to Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour. It included the works –  Terrific box seats, VIP lounge access with drinks and appetizers, parking!

The talent line up was fresh – warm ups included Maren Morris ( American Idol), Brett Eldridge (thumbs up) and Keith Urban (a long time personal favorite for loads of reasons but especially because he is from Australia.)

Going to an outdoor concert  in Summer in Florida is not for the faint of heart. Especially since Florida has been rocked with a continuous pattern of rain storms unloading a deluge of moisture with brilliant celestial lightning. For days the pattern has threatened outdoor activities. But we were not going to be daunted.

As we had never been to the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater before we checked out the box seat location and found we were in Brilliant-Keith-Urban-Concert-Rocks-Palm-Beach-10.jpegPINIMAGEan elevated spot in the center of the covered venue. Perfect! On Saturday, the day of the concert, we got through the day without any storms and hoped it was a good omen for the night’s events. But little did we know the big storm was yet to come.

We arrived and hour before the first act because we had access to relaxed, comfy open air VIP Lounge where we enjoyed yummy lite fair. There was ample to enjoy. Fresh flowers on the tables and a full bar. We were greeted by a gentleman with Live Nation informing us of  who best to enjoy the experience which did enhance our enjoyment. A much appreciated personal touch. As we walked into the theater too our box we found it was elevate with a great view  – close enough to see the stage, we head weather was approaching.

We got through the first act with Maren who set the mood for everyone. Then came the storm – they announced it asking people to come into the venue who were seated on the grassy hill. It stormed – lightening and pouring. Everyone was safely brought together and made the best of the situation – we had music background helped to soothe everyone but keep theBrilliant-Keith-Urban-Concert-Rocks-Palm-Beach-14.jpegPINIMAGE mood happy. The storm was a huge one. It lasted one hour almost to the dot. Then Brett appeared kicking things off and we rocked on for the rest of the night. You could tell the entertainers were grateful the crowd stayed and they wanted to show us a great time out of appreciation for our patience. Brett was up beat and really got things rolling with everyone on their feet. Then Keith took the stage. He clearly elevated it to a world-class experience simply by stepping on the stage playing his guitar.

Keith is a brilliant performer with a distinct style that brings a global air of sophistication to country music that also has an undercurrent of pure rock. I especially enjoy when he performs his finger magic with the strings of a guitar! Several times he was performing in a trance moving above his amazing skills. He transcended above it all. You could feel every chord in every part of your body.  But then he didn’t stop there – he did three amazing heartfelt things:

  1. He devoted the concert to the Orlando terrorist victims as it was exactly one week from they night of the tragedy.
  2. He called out two gals from the crowd who held a sign that said  2 Sisters, 1 Wish, Meet KU. He brought them onBrilliant-Keith-Urban-Concert-Rocks-Palm-Beach-7.jpegPINIMAGE stage an asked about the sign. They were over the moon with excitement and shared this was their 28th Keith Urban Concert and they brought the sign every time praying he would get to meet them by some miracle and Keith made the miracle happen in front of a crowd of 19,000. He chatted them up and gave them autographs. A shining moment.
  3. Latter in the concert he stooped in the middle of a song and invited a boy who looks about 9 years of age to come up on stage. Keith took off his guitar , signed it and gave it to him! He then showed him how to play it and encouraged the little guy how to play and perform. The kid was simply star struck. And so was the audience. Brilliant Keith!

There was not dry eye in the house!

Brilliant Keith Urban Concert Rocks Palm Beach With Heart demonstrates how a personal touch by an entertainer of Keith Urban’s caliber can bring our humanity to the forefront. Keith clearly put his heart into this concert in some many ways – he showed who he really on the inside not just on the outside. He play HARD and extraordinarily wellBrilliant-Keith-Urban-Concert-Rocks-Palm-Beach-8.jpegPINIMAGEbut more than that he truly connected with the audience – everyone felt like he was performing for them. And that he was going to make it special and fun because he really cared that we were there to see them.

THANK YOU KEITH URBAN! Loved the RipCord World Tour Concert. You are great in my book but now you have elevated to a world class man of true character. We loved your concert and hope your return to Palm Beach soon. We will be there!

To Your Self Care Journey To joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Recommends Inis Fragrance Pure Liquid Luxury this Summer because there is nothing like it to stimulate your senses with the sensations of the surf and sea. Inis Fragrance in fact is created to evoke The Energy of the Sea crafted in Ireland. To me it is this and so much more. After all what is Summer without beautiful beaches and lakes to enjoy.

I was strolling through the Shops of Stuart, our lovely waterfront village with no particular purpose other than to enjoy the spectacular summer’s weekend to uncover the newest Spanista Style when I dropped into one of the boutiques just to explore the latest arrivals.  You may recall I recently relocated to the Jupiter, Florida. Nearby is Stuart  a charming beach town that strikes the right balance between relaxed and refined in a way that is unique and charming in an old world Florida way. Every time I find the need to experience a dose of REAL LIFE retail stimulus where a story is told by local shop owners that a fresh and distinctive, I head for Stuart.

When I walked into one of my favorite shops I was immediately drawn to the Inis packaging as anything with blue waterSpanista-Recommends-Inis-Fragrance-Pure-Liquid-Luxury-1.jpegPINIMAGE waves catches my eye – always has. Then when I sampled the scent I was captivated! It thrilled me and  immediately lifted my spirits. Know I am very selective about fragrance so most do not live up to my expectations but this one captured my heart and I knew I had to have Inis in my life.  

I bought the portable roll-on so I could take it with me anywhere and the candle.  Feeding my curiosity, I did some research on Inis. It appears online on where this narrative speaks to its inspiration – “This exciting Irish Cologne for Men and women is a seductive scent, embodying the coolness, clarity and purity of the sea. The Fragrance evokes the male and female sides of each individual, combining secrets of nature and creating a feeling of sensuality.”  Ah yes, the mystery and culture of the Isle of Ireland and its cool blue ocean waters does shine through it.

Spanista Recommends Inis Fragrance Pure Liquid Luxury as it is now my ‘go to Summer scent’ because it is enhancing my life everyday. This is Beach Style. This is Spanista Style. I love it. You will find a wide range of products that are expressed in a pure and simple way with brilliant white and blue ocean packaging. These savvy creators also recognize the trailers needs with sets and sizes that work for those on the go. Check Inis out on or Fragrances of Ireland.

Let Spanista know what you think if you try Inis. Hope you find your Summer Fragrance – it will bring another dimension to your life.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Southern Style Porch Party Inspiration captures my heart by way of a feature article in the recent Southern Living Magazine. It offers seven easy steps to making a part of your home into one of the most charming places you can experience – your porch. In America, The Porch is a nostalgic symbol of comfort, family, stories and cultural history. The Porch has enjoyed a comeback everywhere but especially in the South where enjoying tea on The Veranda was a sign of sweet sophistication. We now recognize the rich value it offered so many families before us.  Thank goodness just in time to make this summer full of memorable moments for family and friends.

Now if you do not have a home with a porch, never fear.  A patio of any kind can be converted to create a ‘Southern Porch’IMG_5470PINIMAGE feeling with a few enhancements. My fancy turns towards adopting a Spanista Style twist, here is my  formula:

Fantasy – Start with something that will help everyone transition from everyday life to another world. Pick a period of time and replicate the mood. For example, pick a classic movie theme like Somewhere In Time. Suggest you guests wear something reminiscent of the early 1900’s era – maybe everyone wears summer white attire or a summer hat. Find the movie’s theme music track which is very romantic to play it in the background along with other such period selections to set to tone.

Flowers – Drama can be treated by staging white flowers casual arrangements in key places. But if you can access lilacs that is one of the key flowers of the Islands. Vary the sizes of the arrangements depending upon where you wish to present them. perhaps a large one on the steps as guest walk onto The Porch – one the bar, another on the buffet table.

Southern-Style-Porch-Party-Inspiration-2.jpegPINIMAGEFlavors –  Refreshments and Food should be kept simple but with in the era you choose. Alternatives to alcohol are welcomed in summer: Flavored Teas and Arnold Palmers – you always add vodka if your wish. Make sure you have choices that go beyond white and red like rose – so in vogue again like int was at that time.  Create a chilled lite menu – things like chilled cucumber soup, lite mini-salmon sandwiches; chilled shrimp.  Of course all this can be prepared in advance so you can enjoy hosting the soiree. This make it much easier to pace your preparations.

Fun – Keep things engaging and lite. After everyone has settled in stage a trivia contest with fun facts about all the movie’s characters, the very famous music score, and the plots and the location of the shoot at the Grand Hotel on remote Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Clue: The hotel veranda is outstanding!Southern-Style-Porch-Party-Inspiration-1.jpegPINIMAGE

Southern Style Porch Party Inspiration can be viewed as a Southern Living article the June edition. It is ‘Throw A Porch Party’ by Patricia Shannon with photos by Laurey W Glenn. Spanish could not help but think about a version that helps you really escape.  You will find great ‘Secrets to Outdoor Entertaining’ by Tara Guerard too.  Why not indulge yourself in a little hosting experience to kick off the summer? It promise to be memorable for everyone.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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  • Kathleen - So good to hear from you my friend. I miss you! Just getting back from a fabulous week at the beach. Wish I had your book recommendation earlier because I had nothing good to read while enjoying the sun and surf. I’ll be sure to pick it up now, along with the latest Southern Living for a little inspiration. Hope all is well for you.

    • gshiver - Kathleen – So wonderful to hear from you! Hope your actions was a fabulous on St. Petersburg Beach. Such a beautiful place. Yes, do pick up the book and She has a new one that just came out a couple of weeks ago you might like. Hope to see you soon. So much to catch up on. Look after yourself. Stay in touch. Loads of love, GinnyReplyCancel


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Summer Read Recommendation ‘The Sound Of Glass’ is just the ticket for anyone who wants to really downshift and escape during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. But before I share raves about Karen White’s book, let’s take a step back for reflection. How did it get to be Memorial Weekend already? Perhaps you find yourself asking the same question as I am right now. Where did the first five months of 2016 go?  Looking back, what are the memorable moments to remember?  What’s your mindset and mood right now as we launch into the first of summer’s salutes to our country and our military veterans.

Do you feel a sense of something in the air –  an undercurrent of uncertainty?   It maybe a wave of change which seems to Summer-Read-Recommendation-PINIMAGEsurface during Presidential election years. As if daily life is not complex enough, the overlay of political differences that are magnified in the media to the point of extremism begins to wave heavily on one’s heart. This wonderful country is always changing but it always stayed true to the beliefs established by our founding Fathers. Now I wonder, are we straying away from what makes America great? I was especially reminded of this when visiting Philadelphia recently where I enjoyed touring the historic sites and refreshing my memory on some of  the defining moments in our history.
Our right to live FREE is so precious – free to enjoy our life in the ways we choose is something we can take for granted.
FREEDOM came with the composition by Thomas Jefferson and ratification of the Declaration of Independence by 89 delegates who found their way to unify around this common cause.  To rise above the differences. But our leaders appear to have lost the way forward. In challenging times the historic leaders who broke through to bring clarity and direction to a difficult situation rose above the foray of opposing positions to reach for the higher good for ALL.  Now we are divided with no one to inspire us to bond together as we face good versus evil in protecting our inalienable rights. To be more as oneSummer-Read-Recommendation-PINIMAGE community versus insignificant as each stands alone. Our Military citizens fight with generous hearts to protect us – do we get it?
Summer Read Recommendation ‘The Sound Of Glass’ is a small yet significant symbol of our Freedom and the American way. As this Memorial Weekend arrives, for the first time in a long time I find myself feeling the deep need to disconnect from the world. To Spanista there is nothing more relaxing and definitive to expressing FREEDOM than immersing oneself into a summer novel like ‘The Sound of Glass’ by Karen White.  We are FREE to write any story we want and FREE to read any story we want, anywhere, anytime any how. While I am a real fan of stories rooted in historical reality, a well crafted fiction story can draw you into mind bending worlds by what ever means works for you like Audible the traditional paper version at Barnes and Noble. Check out these reviews. This weekend, find a simple way to express your FREEDOM The American Way to find your moment of joy. It is what my soul needs right now. How about you?
To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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