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Spanista Self Care Library :

There is so much knowledge in the world about wellness yet there is no place online where the dynamic of Spa Culture and Self Care come together into one Resource for us to tap into easily. That is the intention that of the Spanista Self Care Library.

While on my discovery journey developing Spanista, I collected many inspiring books by very insightful Authors past and present. Each writer, in their own way, added value to my formulation of the Spanista platform – Spa Style & Self Care Reflections, Rituals and Resources For Joyful Living. To them I am grateful. They gave me courage to find my voice amidst the universe.

And I continue to discover new authors and ideas, and stories that call out to me to explore.

This books and articles Library will focus on joyful living therefore they all will spin around the themes of Self Awareness and Self Care Lifestyle. They will cover a range of genres from fiction to non-fiction featuring creative authors, authoritative points of view on related subjects or travel themes that awaken the heart.  And of course they will be drawn from the global landscapes of creative thinkers.

For your convenience, I will be offering any book in the Library for purchase on Amazon in the Spanista Shop.

I welcome you to submit your favorite books to me to feature. If I feel they hit the mark after I review their potential I will be happy to write a feature on it and offer you credit for the submission.

Spanista Book Club : Coming Soon.

A Spanista Enthusiast encouraged me to take the Self Care Library one step further by creating a Book Club for our like-minded community – The Spanista Society. Fabulous idea!!! So here is the first step. If you have ideas on how to design the Club so it is fun, interactive and build connection with our membership please send me an email via the Contact Tab. Or if you have thoughts about how the membership should include – please be in touch via email.

The Spanista Book Club will be a great way for us to support each other on our journey to joy while sharing our views on subject content, so give me a bit of time to sort out how to create a positive experience for our community. Stay tuned.

Watch for the launch of this program and how to become a member soon.

If you have ideas please send me an email via the Contact Tab.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy


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