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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Coastal Living Magazine Rates Stuart Florida #1 Seaside Town is very exciting to share with my fellow Wellness Seekers. You may know by now, Spanista is a lover and advocate of seaside living. It is a lifestyle unlike any other. No matter my travels around the world to some of the most vibrant and modern urban areas, I am always drawn to places that provide the spiritual richness and healing of surf, sand and salt air. I never feel more at peace than when I have spent a few days wave watching and walking the beach. Discovering a beaches natural gifts of beauty takes supreme focus. For example you simply cannot be a surfer or a devoted shell hunter and ponder the issues of the word at the same time. These efforts call for opposing brain functions via our neurons. If you do one, it will cancel out the other because of how we are wired. All I can say is thank goodness tide waves have the inexplicable power to pull us into trance and claiming ours souls for a while thanks to the positive ions in the air.

I am full of gratitude to have selected the greater Stuart area as home since the summer 2015. We choose it for many reasons but is particularly surprising to discover Coastal Living Magazine, one of my favorite lifestyle magazines picked Stuart, Florida Number 1 Seaside Town 2016. ( It was also fun to see Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin at the base of Green Bay feeding into Lake Michigan made the list as it was one of my favorite destinations having grown up in the Green Bay area. We shall save this story for another time.)

One word describes Stuart – CHARMING! Here are some of my favorite things about the Stuart area:

  1. Ample locations to enjoy Spanista Reflection Walks to nurture your soul. You can see sunlight hit the dolphin water fountain at just the right time in the morning I was at Indian River Park on the Indian River Lagoon.
  2. We have a new oceanfront hotel under development on Hutchison Island at the end of Jensen Beach Blvd. It is due to open in 2017, called Oceanside Resort with a spa and two pools with 184 rooms. This will be a great place to have guests stay especially if they want to see sea turtles in their natural habitat. It is quite the experience.
  3. Amazing seafood and farm to table freshness abounds with many independently owned restaurants which far outnumber the national chains. A favorite is the old world Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House owned by a famous historic Hollywood actress from the WW II to 1960’s – Frances Langford. The romance of memorabilia is everywhere.
  4. Shopping and relaxing along the waterfront in historic downtown Stuart has a charm all its own. And sport fishing is the BEST here if you want an outdoor adventure on the water. Boating all kinds is a great American pastime here.
  5. Flowers, flowers and more flowers bloom all year round add dramatic colors against the colors of the sea – a feast for the eyes free for your enjoyment around ever corner.


Coastal Living Magazine Rates Stuart Florida #1 Seaside Town is well earned recognition. If you happen to enchanted enough to give us a visit please let me know. This  is a very relaxed place where people enjoy life in an Florida Seacoast kind of way. And if you need a dose of glamorous Florida Palm Beach is within an hours drives. The best of all worlds lies in coastal living.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seeker,

Weekend Recharge Unplug From Media Noise With Gator Bait Airboat Adventure shares the idea of seizing the opportunity summer brings us to feed ones soul by getting into the great outdoors. The last few weeks have been intense for so many reasons. You could not miss the party convention coverage – it was everywhere. The true defining moment was we now have the first female candidate. Compared to the world the US has been far behind the curve politically as there are powerful women leaders for generations like in Great Britain. So much fear gets stirred up in a presidential election year as themes are batted back and forth and twisted by today’s very media savvy personalities. Couple the media noise with a catastrophic trend toward mass shootings with a twisted attack on the very people who commit their lives to public safety is almost more than we can take in while we deal with the usual stresses of everyday life – work, home and family needs.

Weekend-Recharge-Unplug-From-Media-Noise-With-Gator-Bait-Airboat-Adventure-5.jpegPINIMAGEThe NOISE from the multi-layered, fast paced news cycle is overwhelming. It is less about what is ‘essential to know’ to know to make an informed voting decision than it is ‘hype to attract social media attention’. To my mind the candidates are simply mimicking the media’s agenda.  In the meantime the real issues remain in a fog where in we are yet to see through to the real positions the candidates present and the pros and cons of those positions.

While I was doing my Reflection Walk this weekend I turned into Pop Country on my new go to music app, Music Choice where I get to see videos and listen to music. Spanista loves all styles of music but in the summer, great country music can capture the natural feeling of summer. Sadly we only have a few short weeks to enjoy it. A song that captured my mood perfectly is Kenny Chesney song and video “Noise”. If you have not heard it, please check it out to punctuate my message.  It captures the sentiment of the situation for me.

This song inspired me to unplug for the weekend. I called family members I had not seen for a while suggesting we do something together, off the grid.Weekend-Recharge-Unplug-From-Media-Noise-With-Gator-Bait-Airboat-Adventure-4.jpegPINIMAGE Rather than go to the beach we headed inland to take in a never done before experience I hoped could crack the numbness from the noise – to engage with nature and draw us into the moment with something simpler and more real.

We took an airboat operated by Gator Bait Airboat Adventures Ride out in a beautiful nature preserve about 15 minutes west of Vero Beach, Florida. Vero Beach is along the east central coast of Florida. Well – it was one of the coolest things I have ever done in Florida – so real and relaxing, so full of creatures you never get to see. An airboat ride gives you a buzz of a different kind – it makes you feel fully alive.  We saw so much wildlife in their natural environment like gators, birds of all types and babies too while the cool breeze washes over you as you buzz from one location to another in a hunt for wildlife wonder.

Weekend-Recharge-Unplug-From-Media-Noise-With-Gator-Bait-Airboat-Adventure-2.jpegPINIMAGEWeekend Recharge Unplug From Media Noise With Gator Bait Airboat Adventure put me in a new mindset. The moments were treasures wherein each added to the next to fill me with a hopeful perspective. A type of calmness came over me that I have never felt before while the buzz of the airboat fully charged my body with positive energy. I saw Florida from a very different lens as did my family members. It is hard to put into words – you just have to do it something like this to understand it.

So Spanista suggests before summer slips away  to unplug and seep yourself in to a natural experience you have never done before.  It will help you feel grounded again. And help you step into the real world with a healthier state of mind ready to bring on a defining moment in this election year for our country.

To Your Self Care Journey of Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee Stirs Questions causing reflection about where we have been, where we are and where we are going as a society. I have been obsessed with Harper Lee since I read To Kill A Mockingbird. My journey to Harper Lee came about through reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Both brilliant in the tone of their own unique talented voices. Lyrical in the special way only Southern Authors express their narratives. It is another validation of both these authors abilities is how the stories so beautifully translated to the larger than life movie screen as both have been heralded with many honors. Not to mention achieved status as one of the Essential Classic Movies to experience by movie historian Robert Osborne of TCM.

One of my favorite movie performances ever was by Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing Truman Capote in latest edition of In Cold Blood who was paired with Catherine Keener playing Harper Lee. I loved their relationship as somewhat tortured creatives souls with southern roots that only they could share and understand. Harper stepped into Truman’s world in rural Kansas when he went their to research the story of the bazaar, heinous crime committed by two, troubled young men. Watching her character unfold in both movies stirred a connection to her. There is haunting music that opens the movie from here forward I identify with Phillip and his sudden tragic death. It is ‘Any Other Name’ on the album Cafe Del Mar – a haunting, haunting composition. When I hear this music I think of him immediately and tears come as I wonder why he this man took his own life?  Yesterday July 23 was Phillip’s birthday – he would have been 49 – ever so young to leave us for this that loved him.

Harper’s, To Kill A Mockingbird won her a Pulitzer Prize. When it was reported that an unpublished manuscript by Harper was being brought to the public for publication I immediately reserved a first edition. This was a literary event that could not be missed. As life has it, I got extremely busy so reading was delayed. But as Spanista has learned over the years everything happens when it is supposed to. And just the right time arrived when I could breathe in the each word to imagine and absorb the time and place of Harper’s setting in 1950’s in this small southern town.

With a treasure like this manuscript – hearing  Harper’s voice come to life after years of absence – well to have the pleasure of engaging with the spirit of her voice requires captured my heart, mind and soul. Over the last couple of weeks I immersed myself in the world of Go Set A Watchman. I took my time to embrace each word, each page, each chapter to imagine myself truly there.  Before diving in, one has to stop and recognize it was written at a time in history when major race issues were being highlighted and brought to life and our country’s conscience was moving toward recognizing this. The South was righting the wrongs of discrimination. So to go deep into that time from the vantage point of girl who comes of age and becomes a young adult is eye-opening. Her personal view of the situation is so clearly portrayed you can feel yourself brought back in time to her hometown of Macomb, Alabama. You can feel The South coming to grips with the changing times of the black movement toward full equality so painful to them. But so clear to Jean Louise Finch the main character.

Upon reflection, what shocks me was the sentiments about the human condition back in the 1950’s is in so many ways similar to what we are experiencing today post Millennium. How can one not be disturbed but the incidents between our Police Forces and the Black America? It seems our society has made progress toward equality but yet we find disturbing forces reminiscent of the past at play in 2016? Will our next election bring us clarity through new leadership or mire us in further human conflict? I do not know the answer but I do know if ever there was a time to exercise your vote as an American Citizen, it is in November’s Election. Spanista believes a real form of Self Care it to speak your voice by voting.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee Stirs Questions Spanista believes Self Care for Creative Souls like these authors can be expressed through action – having the drive and courage to express what is in their hearts is not an easy thing. In many cases it originates from a place within of deep pain that needs to find its voice in story. I admire Harper Lee. May her voice inspire new writers to do the same.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Matilda’s Boutique Plus Pietro’s On The Ocean Deliver Emotional Wellness reminds me of why we now live on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Spanista openly extols the virtues of our seaside lifestyle. The atmosphere here is very relaxed yet refined without being pretentious. In fact, it is notable that President Obama made a trip from Washington DC for a long weekend to play golf at one our exclusive courses for that very reason – it is great place to really chill out – solo or with friends and family. We locals experienced little disruption with the exception of skies visibly active with military aircraft protection circling the golf course when the President was at play with local influentials.

This weekend I had the opportunity to take a welcomed stroll through our quaint village of Stuart, Florida where there are many one-of-a-kind shops and eateries along the waterfront. One of my favorite shops is Matilda’s Lifestyle Boutique. It is a well curated store capturing the essence of coastal living that appeals to Spanista. To me there is nothing like the tactical satisfaction of shopping where you can lose yourself in time – the real deal versus virtually to browse, be inspired, touch and feel  anything that attracts us while chatting up the proprietor!


Matilda’s Lifestyle Boutique has been my go to place since we moved into our new home. Our backyard patio and pool area have become a great source of fun. I find I am always searching for ways to express my personal style when entertaining at home in this great space. Special pieces add to the experience for our guests. Seeing family and friends enjoy the encounters with a special themed presentation created for them brings me great joy – I feel the rush of endorphins that is most rewarding. Do you have a unique go to boutique where you can find treasures that add value to your life? If not Spanista suggested you find one – you won’t regret it. Get to know the owner as that is part of the fun!

Churning up a thirst and appetite for something lite in the summer heat after our shopping excursion, we took a leisurely drive over two bridges with beautiful views of the glistening waterways to Hutchison Island. Along the long beach drive one can not resist opening the car windows to take in salt air with the air conditioner full blast. Our destination is Pietro’s On The Ocean.  This is a primo location with uninterrupted ocean views where you can watch the surf role in while you sip your favorite libation and enjoy luscious fresh fare. Pietro’s On The Ocean helps you feel like you are far away from the hectic, unpredictable world – especially true on Hutchison Island during the summer. Viewing the ponds when you arrive is so relaxing. My choose of lobster bisque with sherry and dish of choice, the  goat cheese salad was very satisfying.


Matilda’s Boutique Plus Pietro’s On The Ocean Deliver Emotional Wellness make for a perfect getaway duo. A few hours of bliss doing simple things with people you love is the essence of joyful living. Such devoted time nurtures you with Spanista Style Emotional Wellness. Perhaps this summer you might consider grabbing someone you love for an Emotional Wellness Day?  It is easy, fun and so rewarding for the soul. Please share your day away to indulge in summer’s sweetness – love to hear from you!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Anticipating New Single Thread Inn, Restaurant, Farm Sonoma County California is the operative word for capturing the imaginations of those of us always craving the enchanting romance and relaxation of California wine country.

Spanista loves the wine country experience. There are select places in the world where one can escape into a blissful world of beautiful landscapes amidst charming wine estates to greet storied people who pursue a passion for grapes and the subtle fine art of wine making. This is more about the pursuit of quality of life  – moments to savor and  tastes to relish in the context of unencumbered conversations with the artists who created it.

Advocating the joyousness of The Seasons of Spanista, come July’s lazy summer afternoons on the beach I find myself day dreaming about the coming of fall and a traditional trip to Wine Country. Recently I learned about a new concept about to open in Sonoma County by a Chef I have read about while working in Southern California. Chef Kyle Connaughton honed his innovative approach at kitchens in Japan’s Toya Japon, England’s The Fat Duck and Los Angeles. With Single Thread Farms, he and his wife Katina are returning to their California roots. It is to open in August.

One of the articles appeared in The Wall Street Journal Magazine July/August Issue in the What’s New Section: A First Look at Single Thread, Sonoma County’s New Restaurant, Inn and Farm.Anticipating-New-Single-Thread-Inn,-Restaurant,-Farm-Sonoma-County-California-1.jpegPINIMAGE

Their approach is unique and inspired by a more holistic point-of-view. Chef Kyle suggests The Menu is based on of the farm not the other way around. A first collaboration between the couple, it combines Katina’ love for the land as she owns two farms – a five acre parcel not he nearby San Larenzo Vineyard and restaurant ‘s rooftop garden, where she grows micro greens, herbs and fruit trees.

The menu is a farm to table culinary delight  featuring three 11 – cause menus – Vegetarian, Pacific Seafood and Carnivore. The concept is inspired by kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The tradition is the menu is based on that day and changes in keeping with that moment in nature. Now I ask you, how wonderful is that! It forces you to stop and savor the this point is time with the celebration of food, atmosphere and wine in the company of someone we love to enhance the memory. This is so in keeping with the philosophy of The Seasons of Spanista.

Anticipating New Single Thread Inn, Restaurant, Farm Sonoma County California reminds me of why I love  Sonoma County over Napa Valley. Napa is a wonderful place to visit for a day – but Sonoma County is a place to restore the soul. While they are so close in geography, they are worlds apart in spirit.  Now I must begin to plan a trip.

How about you. Where will your summer day-dream take you?

If it could be anywhere – where would future your soul – help you stop and savor the moment?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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