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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Feeling Joyful Proven Result of Giving Back Life Plan is shared with two purposes in mind: 1.) As we move into the last quarter of the year, it is timely to reflect on our state of affairs; 2.) Exploring what is in our control to identify ways to enhance our feeling of real joy.

Since I was young, I always felt the need to have a financial plan for a secure future. Now is the time of year I take pause to evaluate my life goals. My family financial advisor founded a firm called Valiant Wealth. Doug Vander Weide is a man of purpose and character who has a range of successful clients including professional athletes. In a world of bad characters he is one of the ‘white hats’ with a full life because he  cultivates the dimensions of what he calls a Wealthy Lifestyle. To him it is not about being rich, it’s about feeling wealthy because you focus values as the filter for making the right lifestyle choices along the journey to financial independence. This in turn provides a true sense of joy that is priceless.

Doug suggested a book – The Thin Green Line by Paul Sullivan“Wealth Matters” Columnist for the New York Times as a way for me to go deeper into the psychology of joyful living as he knows it is my passion. I picked up a copy to read on my trip from West Palm Beach to Los Angeles for a pivitol development meeting on AbodShelters Foundation with Ty Pennington, our Goodwill Ambassador. Investing a portion of my time to helping guide this organizations efforts to improve shelter conditions for the worlds neediest populations is very important to me. But I wondered how do these efforts really affect my level of joy or my wellbeing? Am I making the right choices with my time? My Advisor shares my passion for giving back as his is very active in NGO’s and works with clients to develop their philanthropy activities, so he understood my questions.

The book’s author Paul Sullivan, sheds light on many valuable ways to think about our relationship with money and time as few others have. Including the positive impact giving back offers us and how it not only makes us feel good it actually impacts our financial wellbeing for the better.

Here is just one example. Many wealthy people he interviewed have various reasons for giving but one that captured my imagination is the act itself makes them feel good. Paul calls them members of the pure-joy club.  Their mix of planning and spontaneity can serve as a model to others because it can be adapted by people of any income level. Feeling-Joyful-Proven-Result-of-Giving-Back-Life-Plan-1.jpegPINIMAGEOne wealthy couple says they have never kept track of giving or spent a lot of time planning to have great impact on a cause. They just love the feeling of taking one opportunity at a time, evaluating its authenticity and giving in the moment. For them the feeling is the motivator as it is not the amount you give, but that you give.

But here is what is stunning to me. Further more, this study by the American Enterprise Institute indicates people who give to charity regularly were generally more affluent, all other things being equal. People who volunteer also do better financially, the data showed.  People who give to charity are forty-three percent more likely than people who don’t give to say they’re very happy people. If you give blood you are happier. If you volunteer you are happier. You cannot find any other service that won’t make you happier.  The data indicating the many positive ways giving impacts life is extraordinary!

Feeling Joyful Proven Result of Giving Back Life Plan attempts to put the spotlight on what is really important to developing a life of joy. Giving of yourself by way of  resources – talent, time and treasures is the a doorway to joy. It is the kind of self-care that starts with focusing on the wellbeing of society first but puts self interests second. The opposite of a world where self interests seem to prevail over all else personally and politically. To me this is a secret to a joyful lifestyle.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Remembering A Hero, 15 years After 9/11 Matters as we face such an important presidential election. The sacredness of 9/11 will always cause me to stop the routine madness of life to take pause and reflect upon what a treasure it is to be an American. And how within minutes all we have can be threatened. There are so many reasons to take stock in our way of life  – the virtues of our values, freedom of speech and religious practice with an open opportunity to achieve great things.

Just north of where I live now in Tresaure Coast, Florida, I discovered an unlikely place for a 9/11 Memorial a few months ago, when I was attending a function at a civic center in Ft Pierce.  As we approached the building, I was drawn to what I thought was a large metal sculpture. Once I came upon it I was dumb struck by what I realized by the reading the descriptive plaque was a large piece of charred metal  –  a beam from the actual World Trade Center searing attack, explosion and implosion. This picture attempts to capture the essence of this memorial becuase you would feel its spirit if you were in its presence. I did. Chills ran up my spine. We have many people from the New York area that relocated here after 9/11. The humble spot will always remind us of the unnecessary pain so many experienced that days and for years. For the survivors and families impacted the pain continues on.

While I had visited the 9/11 location many times while living in New York as a pilgrimage as many people came to see what happened in person. Visiting he little Catholic church that survived is most moving. Most so touched by the horror of it all – the feeling of the tragic experience lingers in the air still today.

Today I feel the vastness of the tragedy as I view all the honorable media coverage so that we always remember those who were sacrificed as a result of this act of terrorism.

I look forward to going to the new Freedom Tower Memorial when I return to New York again.

It is the human stories that move me most. The building is only a symbol of the manyRemembering-A-Hero,-15-Years-After-9/11-Matters.jpegPINIMAGE stories of people’s lives and they day that changed us forever. There is one story in the in Sunday edition of the Wall Street  Journal Weekend Edition – “Declarations” by Peggy Noonan that brought me to a tearful meltdown in my favorite chair. It is titled, “Remembering A Hero, 15 Years After 9/11”. It tells the story of a young man with an inherent purpose and destiny, and talisman since childhood – it was also a symbol of a powerful relationship with his Father.

“With this bandanna”, Welles Crowther said, “I’m gonna change the word.”

This is a story of grand calling and courage that was to my mind predestined before birth. This lad had an inherent joy of purpose – bigger than his life.

Peggy captures the essence of his personal story – so eloquently and so movingly. Here is how she encapsulates this young man’s sacrifice:

“The way I see it, courage comes from love. There’s a big unseen current of love that hums through the world, and some plug into it more than others, more deeply and surely, and they get more power from it. And it fills them with courage. It makes everything possible.

People see the fallen beat up world around them and ask what can I do?  Maybe be like Welles Crowther. Take your red bandanna, change the world. “

Remembering A Hero, 15 years After 9/11 Matters is worthy of taking a moment to read. I promise you will see the world differently from that point on. If you wish to read it please click this link: “Declarations” by Peggy Noonan.  The recollection tributes should never have an expiration date as some people suggest. May you and your be safely out of harms way in the days and years to come.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Audi Partners With TOMS Shoes Speaks Soleful Giving Back touched my heart in a way a brand has not done in a very long time – much less an automotive brand.  Now my respect for Audi Automotive has gone to another level. What I now appreciate about Audi is their desire to keep our relationship alive long after it sparked me to fall in love and purchase my first model. Most manufacturers are there with the ‘thank you’ letter right after the purchase but are they there two or three years after the transaction?

I know now Audi is Living the Philosophy and Values that align with Spanista. What an interesting  coincidence.

Here is an example: I got an email from Audi Automotive acknowledging the Audi-Partners-With-TOMS-Shoes-Speaks-Soleful-Giving-Back-6.jpegPINIMAGEcelebration of the second anniversary of purchasing my Audi All Road which has been my go to car for everyday living since I first drove it home. I love it most of all three Audi’s we own. The invitation offered me the opportunity to order a custom pair of TOMS Shoes with the Audi brand mark which will also provide a pair of shoes to a needy child in Africa. This is TOMS Shoes cause focused business platform – it’s the One for One Movement that made them famous. In case you have not heard of it, with every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. That is right, everytime.

Perhaps they know from my online profile, I volunteer my time as Executive Director of AbodShelters Foundation which focuses on providing needy families with humanitarian housing? Or they know women like me are emotionally moved by causes? This offer sent a message which touched me on multiple levels. I was compelled to order my shoes immediately with a tear in my eye in  the size I wanted with the easy instructions provided online at no cost to me. Within a few days a package arrives on my doorstep from Audi. It was a delightful experience opening the box to find these beautifully styled, comfortable shoes – a reflection of co branded excellence. This did evoke an emotional experience – sheer joy, especially knowing another pair is going to a child who needs it.

It is perfect example of where both brands come together in perfect stylish harmony. Notice the sophisticated dark gray tone with complementary red and white markings of the AUDI brand brought to life in the simple, classic TOMS footwear design.  The TOMSAudi-Partners-With-TOMS-Shoes-Speaks-Soleful-Giving-Back-1.jpegPINIMAGE mission appears on the romance card. They came in the iconic TOMS no frills brown box with two enclosures – the sticker and this Audi gift card message “Special Recognition on Your Special Occasion. Please accept this exclusive Audi Design Gift as a sincere token of our appreciation for being a member of the Audi Family. It’s not only a celebration of your Audi Anniversary, but of your importance to all of us at Audi.”

Audi Partners With TOMS Shoes Speaks Soleful Giving Back believes this is a gesture with TRUE CLASS – as a global humanitarian design advocate for AbodShelters Foundation, I respond favorably to what I believe to be an authentic gesture that aligns with my values. Well done Audi Automotive!!! And THANK YOU!

I consider Audi to be in a superior class of brands that reflect not only Spanista’s Style but more importantly Spanista Values. In a world driven by the pursuit of money this speaks to the power of conscious capitalism  – the power of giving back with sincerity where everyone wins. Audi can count on me to check out the newest Audi’s when I am ready to buy again. For sure.

Do you have a story about the way a brand touched your heart? Please share it.

To Your Self Care Journey of Joy,


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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream Sensational Summer Treat is adding another level of enjoyment to the remaining days of summer on the eastern seacoast of Florida.

When it comes to ice cream I am more of a traditionalist. I just love good old style american ice cream. Do not get me wrong I enjoy an occasional lemon gelato or a pistachio frozen yogurt too. But to me there is nothing better at soothing the savage beast on an overheated summer’s day than authentic handmade ice cream. The first taste – well it is just heavenly! Most of us are intone with Ben and Jerry’s inspiring complex combinations they are famous for but they really are over the top rich with ingredients and calories.

Alas I discovered something refreshingly simple and original. Spanista is really thrilled to share is the new unusual wellness twist some creative artisan ice cream makers are bringing to our great American treat.  The JeniPINIMAGEvegetable twist that is. This may sound adventuresome but it is really quite yummy to the taste buds. It is an especially welcome adaptation if you are already a vegetarian or a vegan. If you are a stylish foodie, you will really relish the rich color range vegetable ice creams presents to your eyes. While shopping my local fresh market I came across this fun veggie sculpture. Someone at play makes us smile and attracts attention tot hedged stuff. Inspired I make my way to the fresh cucumbers. I along standing summer salad mainstay my Mother made from our garden.

Recently I discovered this new world of speciality flavors Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio and I was thrilled to find it was easily accessible at Fresh Market here in Stuart.  She uses grass grazed milk from local farms in the green pastures of Ohio.Check out her website. It is really enjoyable for loads of reasons. But back to ice-cream exploration – how about Sweet Corn and Black Raspberries Ice Cream, or Ylang Ylang & Fennel.

Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream Sensational Summer Treat speaks to the soul of summer. The Wellness lifestyle comes from a consistent commitment to self-care with unique aspects german to every season. Ours to enjoy if we pay attentions tot natures gifts. Enjoying a treat like vegetable ice cream is a smart way to bring a balance to your sweet treat experiences. Enjoy every bite when you choose to indulge and leave any regret at behind.

Now after indulge I will use the remaining cucumbers to place over my eyes while I catch a way afternoon nap. Remember to treasure the last few days of summer with something special. Enjoy!!!!

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,



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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Living Well With Your Own In-Home Spa Experience is something everyone deserves to enjoy. This is a very personal way to care for your mind, body and soul.  The pleasure of this experience is one that keeps on giving.  It is there when ever you need it, does not require any travel and provides the ultimate level of privacy. The positive effect lingers no matter what level you wish to indulge in.  This weekend I spent some time outdoors in the heat so while I felt invigorated in spirit my body was drained. So late in afternoon I took to my personal spa bath. Because I am a devoted Spanista, I have all the essential ingredients at hand to pull together a relaxing retreat in my lovely home spa.

In holistic living all things are interconnected so have you considered your home design’s effect on your body and your wellbeing? After all –  It’s your body – love it and give it what is needs to be the best it can be.

Let’s start with taking a closer look at your bathroom. Take a step back to gain a fresh perspective on this space. Ask yourLiving-Well-With-Your-Own-In-Home-Spa-Experience-4.jpegPINIMAGE how can you renovate it to build the bath space of your dreams. The degree of renovation depends on your appetite for change and how many ways you want to make the your customized experience come to life. It can range form a full-scale rebuild of your bathroom to adding accessories or simply bringing a new and healthier spa products to your care routines.

Here are some suggestions I picked up from a great article published in my Treasure Coast Newspaper by Brandport Content – Spoil YourSelf In Luxury With Your Own At-Home Spa:

  1. The Power of Color – Select colors that soothe while evoking the feeling of tranquility.
  2. Comfort You Can Feel – Soft textures of towels and rugs offset the cold surfaces that are part of the modern bath. Or if you are redoing everything condor heating flooring. It changes everything.
  3. Experience Relaxation – Innovative shower heads are a great way to transform how water flow comforts the body. Kohler Bath has some wonderful options to explore. Or it can be something as simple as setting the mood by adding a collection of high-end candles like collection called SIMPLUX True Flame technology. It eliminates in the fuss and danger and really exudes the perfect ambiance. You can change the light tone with and remote. So cool.
  4. Soothing Qualities to Hear – Music is an essential element but often forgotten. It can come by way of your iPhone or in a redo actually installing speakers for a surround sound experience.

Living-Well-With-Your-Own-In-Home-Spa-Experience-2.jpegPINIMAGEMy new home has a comfortable bath area I love. Now that I have been living with it for a while I am shaping my vision for how I want it to feel and look to personalize it more to Spanista Style. Frankly, I do not feel the need to rush. Part of the fun is to enjoy this journey as inspiration unfolds. Pinterest is a great place to starting dreaming. Spanista welcomes hearing how your Home spa plans affect your life for the better. Enjoy!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,

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