Spanista » Self Care Rituals, Reflections & Resources for Joyful Living by Ginny Shiverdecker


The Spanista Self Care Values System flows from the solid foundation of the Spanista Philosophy. It is created from personal experimentation over time tapping into the practices that brought about a happy heart. My thinking is shared from a real world consumer perspective and is intended to be objective. Why? Because today, personal experience and voice matters to us. I am not a practicing spa professional, nor a medical professional – I am however an active in Self Care Enthusiast and a frequent user of spa services so have learned much along that way that informs this system. I am happy to share what I have learned and hopefully inspire you to join the fun. In the Spanista Self Care Values System you may find some things that resonate and work for you. Seeing others benefit in some way would make this outreach endeavor very worthwhile.

Here is a framework to think about if you want to get into the Spanista Lifestyle mindset. The Spanista Self Care Values System is about taking responsibility for your wellbeing in a different way to begin your journey to joy. It’s about visualizing and embracing your value on your own terms. This three-step guide is designed to help.

I. Rituals – The Key Dimension of Your Journey:

  1. Start with you – begin a conversation with yourself about your potential to achieve real happiness. Explore getting in touch with your true nature through Self Care Rituals through a combination of possibilities that you enjoy at a spa and at home or while traveling.
  2. Prioritize your Self Care Itinerary of Experiences – establish the three things you will do each week, once a month and a milestone during the year ahead: Examples are Self Care Thursday’s, Weekend Reflective Reading & Writing, Tea Time, Monthly Massage and Destination Spa Vacation.
  3. Create an inspiring atmosphere for generating a flow of positive energy with stylish inspiration that includes Seasons of Spanista to reconnect with the beauty and benefits of our natural world.

II. Reflections – Both Before and After Self Care Time Will Make All the Difference:

  1. Devote time to preparing your state of mind and body before your self treatment or professional service. Think about the experience – set you mind on your needs, get in the moment for you.
  2. Focus your mind on your body during this time and let it go with the flow of the therapy so to sync your mind, body and heart – feel the healing power of touch. Leave the outside world behind. Massage treatments can have many positive effects especially opening up the blocks that build up in your body like stress and negativity, allowing you to get in the moment and in touch. Be peaceful and quiet.
  3. Make time after therapy for at least 30 minutes to relax in solitude – just be with yourself, lie down, eyes closed without distraction. Get a refreshment to replenish and recline fully.

III. Restorative Energy or Akido (Japanese word) – The Outcome and Reward:

  1. After your reflective time you may feel a sense of emotional release – this is when you know you are in touch again, so open to hearing your body, to feel it holistically and listen to what surfaces in your heart. The answers lie within – happiness lies within. Listen to your heart.
  2. Let your mind flow. Capture what surfaces at this time – in a diary of your choice. Interesting revelations will emerge – let it come forward without judgment. Capture how you feel now. Pick one key word to express it and carry it forward.
  3. Once you are back in the real world again, keep this positive spirit alive in between your Self Care Rituals by returning to your key word and your musings. Watch your personal journey unfold in the essence of what you capture. There will be things you will learn. Soon you will be designing your favorite Itinerary for Your Journey to Joy.

Trust the process…go with it and it will produce surprising results.

Allow yourself time to reflect on it.  Give the three R’s a try. Of course, I would love to hear what resonates with you.

“Through the open flow of grace, God reveals the true nature of the Divine within each person.”