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Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa Series:

Spanista introduces In Touch Tableau Home Spa Series. You may recall from my early posts that the way the Spanista Philosophy comes to life is through a unique Self Care Values System that you customize to fit your desires.

One of the 3 R’s is in the Values System is RITUALS. A great way to start is to create your own Home Spa Ritual. With all the stresses of everyday life taking a toll on us, we need to adopt Self Care Rituals as a stress management tool to restore our equilibrium and wellbeing. It offers an opportunity to personalize your experience with complete privacy and comfort only home can offer.

Since conceiving of Spanista, I experimented with what works for me. I discovered that creating a spa experience at home is as satisfying as one at a professional salon. It just takes experimenting to determine the best mix of elements that will help you relax, get in touch and restore. Then put it into regular practice. This really can be fun as it is like a cooking recipe – it is all about the right ingredients, in the right measures, presented in a beautiful way. And the good part is you get to indulge in the experience.

One of my favorite Rituals is setting aside Thursday night for my In Touch Spa Experience. It is something I look forward to the entire week where I plan to enjoy 90 minutes, just for me. The first joyful step is in preparing your tableau. Setting the stage is so important for your state of mind. Creating a satisfying presentation just for you is an indulgence you deserve. The personal ambiance and special touches enhance your feeling – it inspires a happy heart.

My bath becomes a spa escape for that time with focus on taking care of me. The door closes and I leave the world behind. The aim is to detach for a short time. Let your mind be with you – through calmness to move from being out of touch with yourself  to getting in touch. To really ‘feel’ you need to get out of your head and into your body – allow your true nature of happiness to surface. After my Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa experience, I feel transformed. My heart feels lighter, my body cared for and my mind clearer. I put my needs first for a short time and it restores me with a happy heart. Now I can bring my best self to others.

The beauty of this is in its simplicity. Depending upon the mood you want to set, your In Touch Tableau can be highly inspired by the natural richness of the Seasons as seen in this pics. Simply bring together the elements that are meaningful to make you – that make you feel happy and relaxed in a way that honors you with its creativity in a stylish presentation. It takes the moments you spending pampering yourself to the next level of enjoyment so you get the most out of your Self Care time.

As the them is flexible it can be just one element done well or a layering of elements – enjoy exploring what works for you as your consider the beautiful inspiration menu below.

For your Home Spa Ritual Experience, here is a suggested menu of the basics:

  • Fragrance  – themed bath collections that suites your mood
  • Ambience – candles, flowers and vase, music, lighting
  • Touchstones – crystals, photos, travel mementos that heave special meaning
  • Tray – many things can become trays like ceramic holders, plates, baskets
  • Skin Enhancers – body creams, exfoliants, facial masks, toners
  • Bathwater elixir – bath liquids, crystals, beads, flower petals
  • Reflection Materials – reading recommend inspirational reading, travel, biographies and fiction
  • Favorite Notebook – include a fun pen with colored ink to capture anything meaningful that surfaces
  • Refreshments – teas, wine, infused water, fresh fruit, chocolates

Here Is To Your Self Care Journey To Joy!

Spanista In Touch Tableau-Endless Summer Home Spa Experience. Anthropolopgie   Coconut Milk Mango Skin Cream, Bath Crystals, Fragrance, Travel Size and Candle. All by Illume, Go be lovely. SummerPINIMAGE

Spanista In Touch Tableau-Endless Summer Home Spa Experience.
Coconut Milk Mango Skin Cream, Bath Crystals, Fragrance, Travel Size and Candle. All by Illume, Go be lovely.
Summer’s In France Book discovered in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Find on Amazon .
Personal touches: Gold Crystal Champagne Glass (Part of my collection) full of pure VITA coconut water from at Wholefoods.
PearlyShell Necklace for post spa ensemble (late dinner date with my dear husband); White Hydragneas in pitcher and tray part of white ceramic collection from my kitchen bakers rack. Matchbook is a great memory from dinner at KOI in Beverly Hills.