Spanista » Self Care Rituals, Reflections & Resources for Joyful Living by Ginny Shiverdecker


Spanista Lifestyle Philosophy:

A Spanista is…

A Wellness Enthusiast, anyone who believes in the dynamic convergence of Self Care and Spa Culture Lifestyle while advocating access, information, practices and benefits of this chosen lifestyle.

Spanista is for everyday people who are seeking inspired solutions, the care givers including massage therapists and professional providers of spa services and salons, along with the artisans who create unique products collections who together encompass a holistic community.


Every Spanista Believes:

~ The journey to joy starts with understanding the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves.

~ To achieve lasting happiness is ‘to be in touch with ones true nature’ by making a commitment to proactive Self Care.

~ Taking control of our wellbeing through spa therapy practices achieves deeper, more holistic outcomes that are longer lasting.

~ The power to feel and live better lies with the ability to sync physical, emotional and mental capacities in the moment and through Reflection and Ritual Practices, both personally and in partnership with professional Spa Therapists.

~ Together our like-minded community can connect, share and support one another while helping evolve the Spa Experience home and salon to the next level.


To Spanista….

Verb: 1. Is to engage in The Art of Self Care and Spa Culture Lifestyle to experience a personal journey to joy. Trusting the process is just as relevant as the end result allows your story to unfold.