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Seasons of Spanista:

Spanista is an original, holistic “Body Meets Mind Concept” that leads the way in redefining and evolving the nature of the spa and self-care industry because it puts the power in your hands. You take control of your experience based on your needs and expectations. Its creation is a breakthrough as the first Self Care Lifestyle approach to triangulate a connection between massage, mindfulness and mood to achieve synergistic wellbeing benefits. And much of its potential lies in its deep connection to The Rhythm of the Seasons.

Seeking happiness? Get in touch with the Rhythm of Life Spanista Style.

The role of the Seasons of Spanista is to gently reconnect us with the natural world as through it we can discover our true nature. Today we are continuously drawn to technology like bees to pollen, spending most of our waking hours living in the virtual world – tapping mobile phones, texting, reading computer screens, watching movies online. The sore shoulders, the tension headaches and self- induced attention deficit order are direct outcomes of this behavior but we often do not connect the two.

When do we smell the roses? Light a candle to se and feel its warm glow? Feel the tender touch of healing hands? Touch the rich earthy soil? Taste the salty sea spray? Hear the crunch of leaves under our strolling steps? Reconnecting to the seasons can reawaken the senses – it has a direct neurological connection to our emotional reservoir of joy and contentment – the seasons stimulate our deepest desires. There is more and more evidence emerging to enlighten us to this wonderful result.

For example, simply inhaling aromas from essential oils relevant to the season can shift your mood from sad to glad. Ala, the power of Aromatherapy. Applying it therapeutically with massage can reconnect you to how your body really feels – can help open the flow that allows mind, body and heart to get in sync again. It helps you to focus on the here and now, to be in the moment so your true nature of happiness reveal itself. This simple action of self care can help you restore your equilibrium and wellbeing.

The Rhythm of the Seasons gives us many pleasurable gifts that affect the 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Each season is unique as it allows us to take pause, to witness nature’s ways and finds parallels to way of living and to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. To see and reflect on the beauty in the outside world allows us to recognize beauty on the inside of us.

The Seasons of Spanista will tap into these gifts to guide us to nurturing a 100% Happy Heart. It is where East meets West, through focus on 4 meaningful dimensions of each season found in ancient Asian Culture. By cultivating an understanding of what happiness means to us along these 4 dimensions from seasons to season, year to year, over the arch of our lives do we unlock the key to a 100% Happy Heart over a lifetime if we practice Self Care

SeasonsOfSpanistaImage-01PINIMAGESpring is a time to Dream

Summer is a time for Love

Autumn is a time for Peace

Winter is a time for Longevity

Spanista will share stories that explore the seasons through this lens with symbols that evoke the senses and draws upon the creative forces where East meets West.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy