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Ever since I was a little girl the desire to travel adventure stirred in my soul. My dream to see the world has come true and brought me great friends, memories and joy. Lucky for me, it continues as there is so much to see and do on this wonderfully diverse planet, that it takes more that a life time to experience.  Now I am blessed to share it with you through Spanista.

What makes my style of adventure different is seeing the world through the Spanista lens – exploring Spa Culture as a means of Self Care Rituals where ever I go – its distinctiveness, its meaning and its pleasures through the wonderful variety of spa destinations that have some differentiating quality – urban, quirky, historic, remote, iconic, country, local or thematically cool.

Spanista Travel Diary is about sharing my personal Spa Experiences with you where ever I travel. It will feature a story about my empiricism with a review based on the Spanista benchmarks I have created as a Spa Enthusiast and my photos so you can see it for yourself from the customer perspective.

An overall rating for each be suggested based upon Spanista Overall Criteria:

style, uniqueness, staff, quality of services, facilities, ambiance, attuned to pre, during and post experience, product offerings, affordability and value.

In other words is it Spanista Friendly.

Spanista Travel Diary Classification of Experience Quality:

Extraordinary- One of a kind on all criteria 

Superior – Delivers high marks on at least 8 of 10 criteria

Excellent – Delivers well on at least 6 of 10 criteria

Good – Solid on at least 6 of 10 criteria

Fair – So-so on at least 6 of 10 criteria

Spanista suggests never settling for anything less. If you experience this do not hesitate to request some for of satisfaction.

See Anatomy of Spa Experiences Page for the Spanista Top 10 Criteria for a 100 % Happy Experience.



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