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Friendsgiving, New Twist Thanksgiving Gathering for Pals


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friendsgiving, New Twist Thanksgiving Gathering for Pals is evidence of our hunger for love and understanding to support our emotional wellness. Many times filling the voids may not flow from the resources of our immediate family members.

Recently, a friend told me about a fun trend that exudes taking time to care for your relationships with your dear friends to the next level. No one can ever give a true friend enough time, love and support in return for the gifts they give us – a sense for true identity and trust bound by endless deep-rooted conversations over years together. These kinds of friends are indeed “family”.

Today we often find ourselves living far from where we grew up whether in big cities or small towns. Life grounds us in the city where we work so friends become of center of gravity – they love and nurture when family cannot. So as we travel ‘home again’ to celebrate Thanksgiving expressed by sharing a big traditional meal ofFriendsgiving,-New-Twist-Thanksgiving-Gathering-For-Pals-1.jpegPINIMAGE thankfulness with family to rekindle our roots, why not carve out time for your ‘extended family’ of friends who we often spend more time with than or biological family?

Enter the new Friendsgiving Celebration!

Driven by the Millennial Generation, it is not really about preparing the traditional meal but about sharing quality time celebrating friendship. It’s about breaking with tradition and being creative – so bring what you can in new age potluck fancy. Many Friendsgiving events have evolved into themed parties. Some Friendsgiving celebrations even double as fundraisers, with hosts inviting guest to give for agood cause. Really LOVE this idea.

The trend is catching the imaginations of many smart marketers like Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas ship. It now is hosting Friendsgiving celebrations for passengers two weeks before Thanksgiving. We a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.

Friendsgiving, New Twist Thanksgiving Gathering for Pals is the right idea at the right time as we enter a new era of optimism. To go deeper on the subject, here is a great article on titled “5 Reasons why Friendsgiving is secretly the best fall holiday there is.” Check it out. This idea is right for ANY age group to provide emotional wellness.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all – make is one of joyousness and deep satisfaction with those you love most whether family or friends.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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