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Kansas City Royals World Series Exciting Home Town Celebration




Dear Wellness Seekers,

Kansas City Royals World Series Exciting Home Town Celebration is something to behold. The weather spectacular on a beautiful fall day in early November. This is the first time in 30 years the Kansas City Royals have won the World Series so you can imagine the city is simply electric!  The Royal Celebration is a multi day affair from breakfast for the players, the a full on parade, events, fireworks and an evening parties that will last until who knows when? Two Kansas City Star has a series of wonderful photos with their feature article. http://Throngs of fans jam Kansas City to cheer the Royals

Not matter where you are in the world if you are from Kansas City this is a time for Royal Blue Pride. In fact, last night Google maps showed the city mapped with all the fireworks going in a blue virtually covering the entire geography was covered in a masses of blue – And yes the sky was ablaze in technicolor for hours.


At the beginning of baseball season the hopes for the Royals high after coming so close last year to winning it all. But this year the Team’s chemistry was outstanding as was their level of confidence. It seemed they were operating at another level all the way through the season but it was especially apparent during the play offs. Taking the final series 4 games to one against the New York Mets – a very highly capitalized, talented and tough to beat ball club.

Watching the parade yesterday and special events all aroundKansas-City-Royals-World-Series-Exciting-Home-Town-2.jpegPINIMAGE downtown Kansas City was not only exhilerating it was a emotional time of pride especially at the World War I Memorial which is the only steps away from Union Station where troops came and went acorss the country to fight in the pacific theatre. Kansas-City-Royals-World-Series-Exciting-Home-Town-3.jpegPINIMAGEThis created an atmopshere was that so Americana – chevy , apple pie and Baseball.  You can see by these pics of my family the vast number of people who joined the festivities. Even the schools gave kids the day off to join the historic event with their parents. So cool.

Best of all it was gratifying to see these professional baseball players and their families enjoy their tribute day of glory with the fans. They have given the fans so very much enjoyment the last couple of years – exceeding expectations. They deserved every once of happiness and lime light this rare time offers.

Kansas City Royals World Series Exciting Home Town Celebration is Spanista’s way of sharing the joy of being a KC Royals Fan while saluting excellence of performance of the Ball Club. Shouting such joy from the roof tops, sharing it with your community is a priceless time of emotional wellness you can feel deep in your soul. Truly a once in a lifetime moment to enjoy.

Thank You Kansas City and to the entire The Kansas City Royals Ball Club!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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