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Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy No Guilt Retail Therapy


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy No Guilt Retail Therapy is to help us pick smarter ways to direct our emotional needs when shopping. What you want to do when you feel the desire to so some serious shopping as seasonal changes ‘inspire our desire to update’ is to layout a Self Care mission. The goal is to enjoy No Guilt Retail Therapy.

Research shows roughly 6 in 10 women indulge in retail therapy. Unfortunately too many times we shop and buy spontaneously, driven by a deep need to excite our senses, to validate our worth or to fill a void.  Many women and men say after such spending they often suffer from regrets and guilt. If you are like me this time of year can cause some consternation about making budget choices too. After all, holiday gift shopping time is here, the kids have grown out of their winter clothes, holiday traveling is around the corner etc., etc.


So before you head out the door take a few moments the night before to consider how you want to feel AFTER the shopping trip.

While you ponder this here is the good news. Even Suze Orman the famous manage your financial success guru, author and coach thinks it is okay to splurge. Once in a while. That is because giving yourself permission, and the budget to enjoy life’s extras can be a major driver of financial success in the long term.

Spanista would like to build on this topic to assure you realize the joy you so well deserve. Here are suggested Self Care Rituals that have helped me:

  1. If you have not yet done so, create a Personal Fun Money account after you have set money aside for your future financial security and paid your bills. This can be as much as you feel is right. Before you head out the door to enjoy your shopping experience, identify the dollar amount you do not want to exceed.
  2. Purge your closet before you go. this does not have to be a day long exercise. Take a few minutes to pull out 3 items that you are not using from last seasons. Take them to Salvation Army or a consignment shop. This is about cleansing and detaching physically and emotionally while providing cyclical value with these things laying dormant that can be repurposed to help others.
  3. If the purpose of splurging is to have something you really want – like a certain Kate Spade handbag or a Kendra Scott Jewelry ensemble do it mindfully – set out to make it an experience you will enjoy from beginning to end. Design your personal experience around it so it is positive and memorable as you can imagine. Again shopper research guides us as it shows we get more emotional benefits like lasting joy from what we do than from what we buy. So spending a few hours in Retail Therapy with a dear friend, lunching together or stopping for afternoon tea can bring us more lasting pleasure.

Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy No Guilt Retail Therapy is about thoughtfully enjoying your hard-earned money and assuring when you get home your impulses have not overtaken your sensibility. The idea is to make Retail Therapy positive with joyful, memorable and a tangible treats that reward you in the right ways. There by delivering the emotional well-being you so deserve.

Enjoy your No Guilt Retail Therapy experience. Let me know how you feel afterward!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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