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Good News Monday: Green Thanksgiving Tastes Great, Feels Better


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Green Thanksgiving Tastes Great, Feels Better suggests this maybe the year when we challenge long time family traditions. To explore new ways to consider new ideas take can take this fantastic holiday celebration to the next level. Spanista would love to hear your ideas on this post. If you have, well done!

By starting your reflecting process now you have plenty of time to consider introducing some new directions this Thanksgiving that may become new traditions. Perhaps is is time to consider some thoughtful and healthier choices. And reaching out to creates new bonds with others. All to inspire guests to enjoy the dimensions of wellbeing your designed for them.

Time to grab a coffee, pen and notebook to lay out ideas and plans. Let’s take a step back and consider your holiday rituals for Thanksgiving Day with 3 questions:

  1. What is the stylized theme and feeling you want to create?
  2. What are the menu courses – the main entrees, the secondary dishes and deserts?
  3. How can you keep great family traditions while adding more purpose?


Firstly, Festive Green Thanksgiving Preparations should consider the impact on environment.  Pick a Theme – this is ours will be ‘Gratitude Bonds Our World’. Then pick a color theme as color always adds excitement. Reconsider the use of paper towels for prep in the kitchen and paper plates, napkins for guests these will go into the incinerator and landfill. Instead use washable cloth napkins  and kitchen towels. Besides they project a more upscale yet relaxed feeling.

Secondly consider The Healthier Menu: While Great Grandmother’s Turkey recipe handed down are so beloved, Spanista suggests considering new approaches. Consider a fresh versus frozen free- range and organic gobblers. If you have not tried one yet thisGood-News-Monday:-Green-Thanksgiving-Tastes-Great-5.jpegPINIMAGE may be the year to give it a try for the health of your guests. They are easy to find today thank goodness – ask your local grocery store butcher to get what one. They are a better choice because they are less likely to carry diseases and contain synthetic additives. Heritage Turkeys are raised outdoors, free roam pastures and genetically diverse and eat the varied diet that nature intended. Visit for more. Now our a few family members have gone vegetarian so yummy turkey alternatives are butternut ravioli and acorn squash filled dried fruit beans and onions are full of texture and flavor.

Lastly, Revive the Traditional Atmosphere with the notions of being thankful for our connectedness in the world while honoring  our environment. Perhaps include a reading aGood-News-Monday:-Green-Thanksgiving-Tastes-Great-3.jpegPINIMAGEpassage before the feast from the Iroquois Thanksgiving Prayer, encouraging . The first Thanksgiving event staged by the British was to celebrate their survival through harsh winters. They invited the Native American Wampanoags to the feast because the tribe had taught them to plant native Indian corn, a key to recovery after their first difficult winter. The intersection of nature, extending a helping hand and brotherhood is the true essence of Thanksgiving. Visit

Good News Monday: Green Thanksgiving Tastes Great, Feels Better encourages Gratitude with a fresh point of view on our connectedness and impact on the world. Spanista wishes this Thanksgiving brings you and yours special moments of wellbeing you will treasure for many months to come.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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