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Happ & Sthans Perfumers Sensational Modern Vintage Story


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Happ & Sthans Perfumers Sensational Modern Vintage Story is a new discovery  at one of my favorite shopping escapes – Anthropology. It is this week’s Spanista In Touch Tableau encourages you to update your fragrance ritual with the arrival of spring.  we are so inclined to take advantage of shopping online for so many everyday things, thanks to Amazon, but when we need feed the need for our senses to be satiated – especially those of scent and  touch – I head to the real shopping experience – sometimes just for the escape into an aspiration world.

For instance discovering luscious Happ & Sthans is a joyful moment. I so appreciate quality design  – This is feminine, fantastic, fun and dreamy vintage. The mix of historical inspiration made new again always appeals to me. When I see this wonderful collection my imagination harkens back to Victorian Times of Sense & Sensibility –  a well mannered sophistication lifestyle allowing promoting access to the finest of everything.

Exploring provides this great backstory: “Happ & Sthans Perfumers is inspired by The Grand Tour – a trip to Europe enjoyed by young ladies in the 19th century sd s finishing course to their educations – this full bodied, floral scent is reminiscent of warm nights and soft spring rain. The eau de parfum is housed in an inkwell bottle topped with a pincushion and victorian inspired pins, while the more highly concentrated perfume is housed in replicas of crystal tear catchers from the era.”

Pictured here is my new favorite casual fragrance for spring – Happ & Sthans Perfumers Jasmine 1938 Riviera!  Enchanting night jasmine, woven with flowery hints of gardenia and tuberose, and finished with bright notes of pink peppercorn, sparkling grapefruit and spicy neroli (floral) 1842 Rosa Alba created by Mary pierre Julien of Givaudan, pink peppercorns and darjeeling tea are splashed with a burst of grapefruit, a dash of wisteria and the scent of ancient Alba roses, then softened with amber wood and cashmere musk.

The collection appeals to Spanista because it is more than wonderful fragrance — it is also infused into a hand cream. For those of us who travel a great deal being able to carry to fragrance with you is a true treasure. It is always provide a boost of energy when you need it most – love the handbag size spritzer.

Happ & Sthans Perfumers Sensational Modern Vintage Story is ever so romantic. Spanista suggests taking a look at all the flovours they offer. It is a great Spring escape. There are a couple of great fiction novel on this period of time written by british authors. You may enjoy learning more about this period in time that impacted both women and men along life’s journey. Enjoy and do tell us if you do!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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