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Friday Wellness Tip: Spanista Garden Party Dream Time


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Spanista Garden Party Dream Time is a promise of great times to come. Currently I am in Kansas City for a week. Fortunately spring in offering its awakening splendor in the grass is luscious green  – the shamrock kind of green that makes you feel lucky while trees are sprouting delicate buds of promise everywhere. The tree behind our home is passionately blooming in an intense fuchsia. When I look out to see it my mind turns toward the back year patio. Memories unfold where wonderful hours of alfresco dinning, sharing laughter and fun with family and friends or just taking in some Spanista Reflection Time fill my heart. Now its time to plan this years outdoor living experiences.

While I am in Kansas City, I love visiting Nell Hill, Mary Carol Garity’s Home Design Studio in Briar Cliff Village. No one creates the seasonal home settings like Mary Carol.  She exemplifies The Seasons of Spanista Lifestyle. Visiting the store is an extraordinary experience. Two floors of room settings that explode with unprecedented inspiration, fantasy and aspirational living concepts. Here Spring 2015  lights up your world with color as primary anchor themes of deep blue and savory coral thread through out the settings. This is complemented by an array of intense complimentary colors.

But what really captivated me was my first encounter with the idea of Garden Party Dream Time at Nell Hill. This presentation – the idea of it sparked images of planning my owns series of Garden Parties over the next fews months when outdoor weather begs us to be amongst nature all times of the day.


During the late Victorian era, an elaborate and lavish Garden Party was an entertaining social affair. England was considered the land for garden parties, with its turf of velvet softness, its flowing lime trees, splendid old oaks, and its sculptured landscape gardening.  It was difficult to locate places in America which offered the clipped-box avenues, the arcades of blossoming rose vines, the finely kept and perfect gravel walks, or, better still, the old-fashioned gardens overflowing with flowers. But there were some locations in America with a green lawn, a few trees, and (with the prospect of a sunny day) would be perfect for a Garden Party.
The proper garden party was always held entirely in the open air.  It consists of tea and coffee, bread and butter and biscuits, cake, sandwiches, fruit, claret-cup and lemonade, and of course the ices. Of course today the menu is limited only by the imagination. But to me, the setting you create can be more important to setting the mood and cultivating the joy a Garden Party can evoke.  Check out all the Garden Party images when you do a Google search. Or go to for inspiration.
Friday Wellness Tip: Spanista Garden Party Dream Time is about setting in motion a plan to create your Garden Party Dream Time. Take a look at the setting by Nell Hill and let the plans unfold. What emotion do you want to exude? What will you need to create that mood? What time of day do you wish to entertain? What will you need to create that mood? You can start with a theme for the Season and then adapt is for the occassion – brunch, late day cocktails, candlelight dinner. Wellness has so much to do with expressing your true self and inviting others into enjoy the experience with you.  So why night live the dream?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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