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Blue Moon Trading Company Offers Spa Chic Home Style


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Blue Moon Trading Company Offers Spa Chic Home Style in keeping with the relaxed yet refined sensibility of the Spanista Lifestyle. This is a local design emporium that established its unique point of view in 1997 in South Tampa amidst the historical homes of Bayshore Beautiful Boulevard. If you have been following my stories about this locale, you know it is treasured for its comfortable and naturally beautiful way of life that is ever so approachable and livable. The area retains high value because of this so homes are cared for with love as many are on the historical registry now over 100 years old. So they are always updating them to reflect the times while retaining key aspects of authenticity.

Now, as thoughts turn to brighter, warmer and longer days the desire to bring freshness of a new spring season into our home becomes compelling. Like birds, our DNA calls for us to nest. It does feel so wonderful to update your surroundings because home is what you make it. It should be your refuge from the world. If is expresses your personal style with the newest charms you desire, than you will feel spectacular living in it.

Blue Moon Trading Company became a local favorite quickly because it was founded by Katie Gagnon who enjoys living and celebrating home life the South Tampa Way. She poured her soul into Blue Moon where she believes your home is your sanctuary.  Katie states, “It is where your mind finds a place to rest from the over stimulated world that we live in. We want it to be a one of a kind home that reflects your personal style.”  That is why Katie seeks the story behind every piece she presents to her clients. Over the years she has enlisted artisans who work with different materials – from barn wood to zinc to concrete – to help her create one of a kind , modern rustic statement pieces that have become Blue Moon’s Signature. Because of its growing fan following Blue Moon moved to favorite Hyde Park Village. Here you will see pics of the new store that presents itself in an airy atmosphere where the family dog is also welcome.


While home goods is the core offering, Spanista Style defined the personal accessories –

1. Collector Jewelry with a natural flare.

2. Handy travel bags with clever quotes.

3. And all the glass domes that beg to ensconce green buds of all varieties.

4. Funny thing on this trip  I even feel in love with the garden adornments like the sheep.


Wellness Seekers, Blue Moon Trading Company Offers Spa Chic Home Style really is a shopping sanctuary as Katie makes her guests feel totally and home. This personal touch is so important to our wellbeing when updating our homes compared to the online world of home shopping. Love the independent shops and try to support them.

Have you stopped by the new store? If you have, do tell us what you think If not and you have an opportunity to visit  or check out the website.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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