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Good News Monday: Firestone Grand Prix St. Petersburg Florida Rocks


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Firestone Grand Prix St. Petersburg Florida Rocks as it is the first race of the Indy Race Car Circuit for 2015.  Racing at this level is an experience to stimulate senses with sights and sounds one rarely is exposed to which makes it all the more exhilarating. It is a Spanista favorite for relevant reasons I will share. Formula One or IndyCar.

The Firestone Grand Prix, Indy Car Race Circut is a great escape from the everyday Florida routine. It runs on a tight street track with 14 turns in the city proper that overlooks Tampa Bay’s beautiful blues waters and flanked by luscious palm tress. The track flys by the Salvador Dali Museum and along the Yatch Club, the city airport on to the fabulous Vinoy Hotel on the opposite side of this city. This weekend proved cooler than normal but still offered brilliant 70 degree daylight hours for the running of time trials and the ultimate race this Sunday. The crowds are chic and the well-traveled set. It is a lovely and intimate location for the kick off event of the Indy Car season full of positive energy.


Professional Racing is a highly specialized sport whose drivers are exceptional athletes cultivating great stamina week after week during race season. To win requires extraordinary preparation to achieve the highest levels of both physical fitness and emotional fitness. Think of it – there is no one who can step in to drive their car if they are exhausted or get hurt  – they run the race for 90 minutes. Unlike many other team sports. This is an individuals’ performance. The driver and the driver alone must run it start to finish. There is not one to rotate in. He or she (yes there are both women and men qualifying drivers now) must endure the pressures to win.

Spanista considers race car drivers the elite athletes. To me, they are the ultimate examples of Self Care well-practiced. They possess a self-confidence unlike anyone I have encountered – a mental toughness that centers on the ability to achieve the results they want in their profession and in their life. This takes a unrelentless focus on the goal to achieve the joyful lifestyle they want. They put their Self Care needs first to achieve their dreams.

One Sunday The Penske Team went into the race placed 1, 2, and 3. The winner of this first race of the year is Juan Pablo Montoya, Colombian born. He is a class act. Team Penske wins it 1 and 2.

Good News Monday: Firestone Grand Prix St. Petersburg Florida Rocks is a terrific experience that goes deeper than the race itself if you pay attention to the drivers who power the cars. One just has to look into the eyes of one of these drivers to know what it there. There is much to learn if one just takes time to observe them over time. I had the pleasure of working with both the Team Penske and the Andretti Auto Sport Team for a few years. I got the privilege of seeing these athletes train, prepare, race and win or loose up close. They really earned my personal respect. And to a degree inspire the Spanista Philosophy of Self Care and the importance of emotional fitness given my observations of their dedicated lifestyle.

What do you think?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Photo Credit: Firestone Grand Prix Winner, Juan Pablo Montoya by Mark Pruett


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