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Magnificent Orchid Spring Florals Adorn Home


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Magnificent Orchid Spring Florals Adorn Home is about celebrating the holiday weekend in your home. Spring is Seasons of Spanista time as many of us are preparing spiritually for the arrival of Easter and others for Passover. As it can be a solemn week of personal reflection about faith and family, it also can be a time to enjoy planning the weekend feast and with the great food traditions comes a Spanista style presentation. A great setting provides the right mood  to enhance tastes of your delectable foods while increasing the overall level of joy and satisfaction. I never met anyone young or old who did not appreciate beautiful chic florals as a focal point.

This year I thought it maybe enjoyable to unify our entire home – that is starting with the kitchen, dinning area, then on to great room and bedrooms with a non traditional flower theme. One that holds ever so much presence because of its textures, shape, aroma and intense colors. That flower is tropical orchids – The color scheme is golden rod yellow, pure orange and select touches of mauve. It evokes Enhantement – ala it is the theme.

The arrangements stand tall and stately in the foyer and the dinning table. Smaller bowls of orchids are in the bedrooms and the great rooms tables. To compliment the flowers will be a non traditional chocolate treat by Mast Brothers in exotic flavors like Tanzania, Guatemala or Madagascar, also set in glass trays on Sunday morning – the official day of chocolate indulgence.

The inspiration for the Easter Weekend Florals Theme came from the arrangements I saw in say in Las Vegas – they were so luscious and yummy to look at. Perfect for this happy weekend. The perfectly color wrapped chocolate bars were discovered at Oxford Exchange just in time for Easter enjoyment.



Magnificent-Orchid-Spring-Florals-Adorn-Bring-Spring-Home-2.jpegPINIMAGEMagnificent-Orchid-Spring-Florals-Adorn-Bring-Spring-Home-3.jpegPINIMAGEMagnificent Orchid Spring Florals Adorn Home – when ever you travel it is a great idea to take create a photo journal of the florals that inspire you so that you can recreate them to you taste level back home for Seasons of Spansita occasions or just because they make you happy. Happy Spring Celebration. Love to hear about it from you.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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