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Friday Wellness Tip: Schedule Rejuvenating Spring Facial

Les Institutionelles – Trilogy Skincare SetDear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Schedule Rejuvenating Spring Facial. Your skin will welcome the relief from the long winter’s impact. Whether you are a man or a woman, there is nothing like a facial to feel renewed. And you will realize the Emotional Fitness Value too. Allowing your skin to breathe anew after the dry winter that affects the skin. Really is an essential step to healthy skin and reinforced self-esteem to start of every season.

To receive maximum benefits it makes sense to make an appointment with a professional esthetician at a Spa that specialized in skin hygiene. But if time is an issue right now then take 30 minutes to perform a simple DIY Saturday Treatment. Better to take the personal time for this Self Care Ritual at home then miss the opportunity. Here is are basic steps – cleanse, exfoliate, tone, nourish and moisturizer. Here is a simple recipe:

1. Get yourself some facial mud from your local health food store like your local Whole Foods.  I’m especially excited about the Trilogy Vital Moisturizing Cream. This emerging New Zealand skin-care company creates luxurious and effective blends of pure plant oils and botanical extracts. You can learn more about botanical-based skin care on skin care resource pages. ) By the way, depending upon where you live you may see Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris there on a date!)

2. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water, using a warm wash cloth to open the pores. Smooth on the mud and let it dry. Rinse thoroughly and splash your face with cool water.

3. If you can get a larger supply, and you have a partner, you might want to can do each other’s backs or bodies. Then shower off together.

In fact if you have the opportunity, Spanista suggests considering a full body exfoliation massage service at your favorite spa. This is a wonderful escape for a couple on the weekend. If you have experienced this before, you appreciate the many benefits that come with it. Now, if you are new to this style of treatment it is invigorating and promises to help you feel glorious all over. This is both stimulating and relaxing as it is simply a proper mud application that is infused with natural healing agents by a talented and knowledgable therapist. This is exhilarating, while it renews your skin after detoxifying time in a wrapper – a time to relax and reflect while your skin absorbs the nutrients.

This can be a wonderful couples experience too if you and your partner are so inclined because it also includes an enjoyable massage.

Friday Wellness Tip: Schedule Rejuvenating Spring Facial. At minimum, I invite you to devote Self Care Ritual time to a Spring Facial Therapy as a priority in my healing and rejuvenation. Once you make this a seasonal ritual you will not have it any other way. For me I am going to Spa Evangeline at the Epicurean Hotel for my treatment. Can not wait.

What is your favorite Facial Brand and why?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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