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Powerful Listening, Give Priceless FREE Gift



Dear Wellness Seeker,

Powerful Listening, Give Priceless FREE Gift those we love, including ourselves. This time of year we all can feel the pressure to give material gifts that may stretch our financial capacity. Yes, the commercialism of the season can draw us into the feverish pitch of generosity. Yet we sometimes fail to realize there are gifts of the hearth that can be more precious than any tangible thing. And they are indeed FREE to give.

Why Powerful Listening? The end result is so positive to our Self Care because it surrounds us with positive relationships. Take a moment to suspend activities for a moment over a cup of your favorite warm brew to consider what your loved ones value most about sharing life with you. May I suggest there is one gift that is very potent and highly prized – that is Power of Listening.  Consider for a moment your current listening practices with your loved ones – and you may realize the opportunity that lies before you. Lets face it, we can be terrible at listening – distracted, preoccupied or composing a counter response

If you are still in search of something meaningful for special people in your life – your children, you parents or your friends perhaps this is the year you can give a different kind of gift, how about 1 hour of Powerful Listening? Give your loved one undivided attention one day a week for a year? You promise to give them quality time with you just to talk about little everyday things where you are actually devoted to listening skills. The fact that so few people are good listeners means that people who do possess this rare skill set have some advantages.

Here are 5 Benefits of Powerful Listening:

1. Deeper Meaning: Giving an intangible gifts can help you and your loved one rediscover the True Meaning of the Season – Giving of oneself freely, without expectations from an Open and  Loving Heart.

2. Respect: When you listen with full attention, you are communicating respect. By offering speakers respect, you gain theirs.

3. Learning: Attentive listening helps you gather information and learn more about your loved ones. The more routine quality conversations become the more open the person is to sharing deeper needs and feelings. Things that may never have been expressed are suddenly revealed. Knowing more about them is helpful to better connect emotionally. Imagine the benefits when you understand your family members better.

4. Greater Clarity: Careful listening helps you avoid some of the confusion, misunderstandings and conflicts that are common in personal conversations. Careful listening offers an opportunity to circumvent the usual arguments and conversation traps.

5. Better Relationships: Listening creates a feeling of goodwill in intimacy. Improve your relationships by listening openly and non-judgmentally to concerns and problems. The more you listen without judgment, the more freedom loved ones have to find their own solutions to problems.

Most relationships either thrive or fail due to a breakdown in communication.  The way in which we communicate can be additive or detrimental to the message being sent.

Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messagessuggests “we communicate face to face about our likes and dislikes; our body language, tone of voice, and feelings communicate more loudly than the words we use.” He further states that 7% of our communication comes from words we use, 38% is determined by how we say words, tone of voice, and style, and 55% of effective communication is determined by facial expressions and body language.

The benefits of Powerful Listening, Give Priceless FREE Gift are interdependent and synergistic – the more you reap one benefit of good listening, the more listening you will do, and the more the other benefits will start to pile up. As with most other social skills, to master listening, practice is required. Why not begin this season by giving the gift of Powerful Listening? And remember this gift can also be a Self Care gift for yourself. Merry Christmas!

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Be Merry & Bright,



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