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Holiday Collection Gift #12: Sparkling Kendra Scott Jewelry

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Holiday Collection Gift #12: Sparkling Kendra Scott Jewelry honors our feminine sensibilities at this special time of year.  We welcome dressing up as a wonderful change from the everyday casual style that is today’s norm.  The Spansita Holiday Collaboration has focused on demonstrating our unique point of view on Spanista Self Care Lifestyle. Now its time to offer a touch of glamour!

But first may I say, it just seems like yesterday Mindy, owner of Design In the City Boutique announced our collaboration of Spa Chic Style Ideas and here we are sharing our last idea in our Spanista Holiday Gift Collection. It has been great fun playing with Mindy to create gift ideas for you. Thanks to Spanista fans for the positive feedback. In fact given your encouragement, we started with a top 10 list and expanded it to 12 given your interest. We are thinking about more seasonal collaborations to bring more Spa Chic Style Ideas in the future. I welcome your feedback on what you want to see more of or suggestions on new Spa chic Style you discover.

Today, Idea #12 is the gift of “Sparkle With Joy” by celebrated jewelry designer Kendra Scott. These designs are spectacular and wearing them make you feel beautiful. These are modern quality pieces to treasure for a lifetime. They add just the right touch of class to any outfit day or night and can be found at Design In The City if you are searching for a last-minute gift or the right finishings for holiday wearing occasions.

However in true Spanista fashion, I want us to mindful about prioritizing what is important as we go into a special holiday events. That starts with how we collect ourselves around Self Care practices before we experience an evening out this time of year. Why? Because what is most important is that we sparkle on the inside first.  We take time to ready our heart, mind and body while we reflect on our mood and reset our intentions for a happy experience. We leave any issues behind and reset so that a glow of joy emits from our hearts and sparkles in our eyes. People who “Sparkle With Joy” naturally attract other positive people into their lives. Now you are ready to enhance your natural brilliance, liveliness, and vivacity as the definition states with sparkle jewelry designed by Kendra Scott on the outside. These pieces will make you feel special with a touch of glamour as they sparkle in the night-light of a social gathering, a cocktail lounge or candlelight dinner. And at the end of your event when you take them off, remember the sparkle you kindled in your heart will last long after your jewelry is safely tucked away.

For fun I turned to the online dictionary to explore the word SPARKLE:

verb (used without object)sparkled, sparkling.
1. to issue in or as if in little sparksas fire or light: Candlelight sparkled in the crystal.
2. to emit little sparksas burning matter: The flames leaped and sparkled.
3. to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as abrilliant gem; glitter; coruscate.
4. to effervesce, as wine.
5. to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious. 
verb (used with object)sparkled, sparkling.
6. to cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the water; pleasure sparklingher eyes.
7. a little spark or fiery particle.
8. a sparkling appearance, luster, or play of light:

the sparkle of a diamond.
9. brilliance, liveliness, or vivacity.
I LOVE THE WORD SPARKLE!  How about you?

May you “Sparkle With Joy” this wonderful time of year Spanista friends!


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