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Spanista Travel Diary Returns


Spanista Road Trip Destination Point Clear Beach, Alabama on to Tampa, Florida.

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Travel Diary Returns on the road again with a new destination just feels right to us Wellness Seekers after a very enjoyable holiday. Hope you had a fabulous holiday with those you love most! Christmas with our family was wonderful – a day full of joy, love, gifts and yummy foods. What more could you ask for?  What remains is marvelous memories to treasure.

Now It’s Get Away Day in Kansas City!  And Spanista Travel Diary returns. Yes, my friends we are Florida bound. It starts early at 6 am with one day to get our home and lives organized. There is so much to do given the importance of the season loads of holiday decor need to be gently packed away and stored.  But I always find it sad to put all the decorations and tree away. I come to love the festive air of our home with all the seasons dressings giving our home a special sparkle and warmth. Post Christmas can sometimes bring about a bit of let down after all the excitement and preparation.

Spanista believes having an enjoyable destination trip sustains the happiness factor throughout the holiday window and beyond. It can be a place you enjoy for a couple of days or for a few months. For us we are looking forward to heading to Florida again. I long to experience the warm sunshine as the result of early arrival of winter in the heartland of America meant lower sun levels. Vitamin D is an essential for wellbeing.

While our home in Tampa, Florida is our ultimate destination, we are planning a couple of days at a destination off the beaten path. It is on a peninsula in the western Florida Panhandle – Point Clear Beach, Alabama. Just South of Mobile. As place we have never been before.

Now back to my Get Away Day List. Need to be done by 6 pm. I’ll stop for a cup of strong tea to revitalize me. Then I prepare a light grazing dinner. Finish packing my personal bag. Read something inspirational and off to bed. Revelry would be at 3:30 am for a 4:15 departure. We are driving our Audi Convertible in the true sense of a road trip.

Come back to tomorrow for more on this chapter of the Spanista Travel Diary.

May Your Journey To Joy Be Merry & Bright,



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