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Good News Monday: Jensen Beach Promises Baby Sea Turtles


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Jensen Beach Promises Baby Sea Turtles is so exciting.

It is not often you get to see something so extraordinary it brings tears to your eyes. This morning I experienced a very rewarding Self Care Reflection Walk on a new beach with my sister-in-law who adores nature as much as I do – maybe more. Times like these are to be treasured where one can just smell the salt air, search for shells along shoreline, watch the children build sand castles and watch blue canvas of the sky unfold with dramatic beams of light and heavy rain clouds dancing on the horizon where the water meets the sky.

The Discoveries of the Day:

1. It is sea turtle nesting season. One could see what appears to be large tire tracks coming up from the beach and stopping on the top of the sand crest where stopping to create a big circular donut looking mounds. Upon closer examination one could suddenly imagine large sea turtles flippers pulling across the sand to their nesting destination. The mounds are where the egg nest is! Then you could see another path leaving the nest going back to the ocean. This all happens at night at a certain tide. See the baby sea turtle video below!

Then, along came a beach scout whose purpose was checking the shoreline for just this kind of occurrence. She demounted her all terrain vehicle to tape off the area so that the eggs would be protected from both humans and exploring animals in the food chain.  Once her task was completed she told us there would be an ‘egg counting expert’ to check on the nest’s holdings – to count them and make notes to track the promise of babies and the overall habits of this favored and protected species. Yes, this person actually digs up the eggs ever so gently to count them and nest them back into place for the duration of the hatch period. See her below. yes those sea turtle flipper tracks.


2. The sea sky never lacks drama. It offers an expansive, entertaining backdrop of moody blues this morning. You can see for yourself the creative force of light and rain it painted. To my delight, to make the morning complete when I turned around to pace my way back up the beach after a couple of miles from whence I came, this full rainbow shown its colors like a coastal bridge.


Spanista Takeaway- Good News Monday: Jensen Beach Promises Baby Sea Turtles is a now a time to wait patiently as the hatching process takes from 45 to 50 days . This is a video of last years offspring – they look so tiny and fragile one wonders how they could ever survive the big vast ways of the deep ocean, but yet they do.


Perhaps like the precious sea turtles we have great inbred instincts for survival – perhaps greater powers than we ever thought we possessed. Perhaps if we turn inward to recognize the natural gifts we are given and thus love ourselves more for them, we will unlock our inherent power to offer the world our gifts, so we can draw upon them to live life more fully and joyfully.

Nature can teach us so much if we take the time to observe with an open heart.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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