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Friday Wellness Tip: Read Uplifting Happy Life Checklist


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Read Uplifting Happy Life Checklist, 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss by Amy Spencer, to give yourself a fresh outlook this spring that can carry you through the year. If you are anything like this Spanista, you will have this book flooded with marker highlights, personal notations and dog-eared pages. This style of reading is exactly in line with the Spanista Self Care Philosophy.

I am working on the Florida’s East Coast on the beach through the weekend – close to very charming, one of a kind boutiques where I discovered this great little read for my time tickling my toes in the sand while I indulge in some reflection time.

This handy guide suites my mood right now because my life has suddenly become very complicated and simple checklists help me cope until I get through the push period (which life teaches us we always do). Finding my bliss keeps me focused on happiness not frayed by stress. Do you have ways to cope at times like this? Spanista would love to start a conversation on this – please weigh in!

Amy Spencer is an inspired writer with a unique voice. This book brings the lighter side to life as does this video:

Amy bills herself as Author. Journalist. Optimist. She has also written uplifting reads like Bright Side Up and Meeting Your Hall Orange plus she is a blogger on Opimism. My kind of gal. You can find out more about her on her website:

The book can be in your hands in a snap thanks to Just click here for The Happy Life Checklist.


Friday Wellness Tip: Read Uplifting Happy Life Checklist will lift your spirits not to mention help you sort your self out  – sometimes a read like this can just help you get back in the grove by entertaining you while you pick up insight that helps you. This beach picture above is one of my ideas of sheer bliss! As you may have picked up, Spanista is big on bliss. This is one ways to help you finds yours. it would make a great act of kindness to give this to someone who you think could use a lift as well.  Have a Happy Weekend! See you Monday.

To Your Self Care Journey,


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