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Beachcombing Practice: Shell Hunting Offers Soulful Meditation


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Beachcombing Practice: Shell Hunting Offers Soulful Meditation is a joyful experience of mindfulness. A wonderful Self Care Reflection Walk upon the cool sea drenched sands of Hutchinson Island, Florida calms the soul. There is something deeply therapeutic about walking barefoot along the edge of the surf while turns of the waves tease repeatedly as one stroll the shore. Thought you would enjoy taking this walk with me.

You can see above a threatening sky over the ocean is full of electricity and excitement – dramatic in their hues of rich blues and grays with the rays of beaming light struggling to break through the clouds. It is hard to guess which direction the wind is taking the cascading rain bursts along the horizon as it is ever-changing.  Soon, it appears the storm is moving  on a parallel pathway to the shoreline. No real threat to beachcombing if this pattern continues.

The anticipation of shell hunting warms my heart every time I head for the beach. The joyful little girl inside resurrects herself to come out to play. It is a thrill to discover the surf is bringing in such natural treasures to enjoy by everyone who cares to visit with open hands and open heart to explore. Once one moves into the rhythm of collecting, it draws you into a type of trance that is most relaxing. The quest for shell style to pleases you – either a color, a shape or a texture – takes extreme focus – to hunt and explore.  All else fades far into the background allowing one to meditate on the moment.


Spanista Takeaway – Beachcombing Practice: Shell Hunting Offers Soulful Meditation is one of the simple things in life full of potential.  As you can see, I am certainly called to collect these one of a kind treasures of the seas and love every moment of it.  Are you planning the beach this spring?  If so, remember to take time for a Beachcombing Reflection Walk to help bring about Spanista’s view of Emotional Wellness. While mediation can bring you a clearer mind and heart, the added benefit to hunting for the right shells, is a connection with nature that is unlike any other. You get to take them home with you to enjoy. Free! The touch of these ocean gifts are so pleasing. They hold a kind of magic allure that calls to you again and again to add another blessing of nature to one collection.

What is your favorite beach for beachcombing?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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