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More Fantastic Trends Toward Mindful Technology Products


Dear Wellness Seekers,

More Fantastic Trends Toward Mindful Technology Products that are worth sharing. The NRF Big Show continued today with many thought leaders and experts offering their points of view on global retailing, product innovations and future projections.

That said, the Futurist’s predict that the scope and speed of change are accelerating at a more rapid pace but advancements in technology are only part of the picture. The biggest contributor will be the scientific breakthrough in reading DNA, therefore the insight and unfolding capability to create or manipulate stem cells will drive forward the ability to program these cells to make them into what we want. Really? Really! Well, I must say that changes everything in ways we are yet to comprehend so it really stopped everyone in their tracks. You could visibly hear the air get sucked out of the massive open conference space where thousands of people are sitting. A book by a renowned scientist will be published in March on this subject and promises to hit the NYTimes best seller list and will help us grasp the magnitude of it all.

Massive change is coming – so how will we cope? Embracing and practicing mindful living will certainly help us live through it.



Take a look at this innovative bracelet that has technology embedded in it and projects the screen right onto your inner arm. You can manipulate the screen by touching your arm so you can manipulate your Aps  – especially the new ones coming down the road for managing important things like your stress, your emotional state or your serenity. Yes Spanista sees them coming. Even while you are in your bath! So it can be at your access anytime to help you maintain your wellbeing.

Question: So what Aps would you like to see designed to design to help you with wellness practices?

How cool is that? Spanista welcomes these type of advancements for our Wellness Seekers.

More fun stuff from New York tomorrow.

To Your Journey To Self Care,


Take a look at this innovative bracelet that has technology embedded in it in it and projects the screen

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