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Spanista Sees Fantastic Trend Toward Mindful Technology Products

Spanista-Sees-Fantastic-Trend-Toward-Mindful-Technology-Products.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Sees Fantastic Trend Toward Mindful Technology Products at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show Global Conference in New York City. Part of the excitement of being at this amazing conference is to see the infusion of innovation in everything and every aspect of retailing here.

Along with the world’s retailers are the suppliers – 35,000 strong. The best companies around the world are taking down the barriers and creating more accessible and inspiring products for people like us – the Wellness Seekers and Spa Enthusiasts. While I am amidst this excitement I want to capture the things that rise to the top that are relevant to Spanista’s

Here is one idea that captured my imagination I just had to share. It is a stylish Bluetooth Music Speaker that floats on the water. Can you imagine a relaxing swim with soothing music permeating the water while pulsing rainbows of light flutter lightly in sync with its rhythm?

This certainly can transform a mood for the better and bring about a state of wellbeing, right?

The product will soon be on the market. So glad there is a focus on what will make an emotional difference in our lives with such potential richness.

Tune in tomorrow to see what else I discovered here at the NRF Big Show.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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