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Winter Delights Table Arrangements Warms Coldest Hearts


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Winter Delights Table Arrangements Warms Coldest Hearts brings Spanista Style home to inspire ways to enhance our nests. With the party atmosphere of Super Bowl behind us, we settle into the difficult part of winter which in the north and eastern US is particularly harsh. Why not turn a negative into a positive by embracing it. If waves of snow are making you feel home bound or if you are someplace with grey sky’s clouding your mood, here is a Spanista Style idea – Create Winter Delights, DIY.

Spansita Style celebrates the beauty of the season by bringing the positive spirit of Winter Indoors. Here are some great trends of themed table settings that captured my attention while traveling to New York and Las Vegas this January.

The first pic is a setting Saks Fifth Avenue on 5th Avenue, NYCity where a reinterpretation of the high style sensibility of Art Deco brings a new sophistication to a combo of white, crystal with splashes of gold and touches of furry textures. Subtle, paired back and refined, each piece is a minimalist’s expression of the season.

The next pic is from Zara in Las Vegas where another more playful winter delight scene brings the charms of nature indoors. Here white and sliver become the schemes anchors. Dramatic silver vases add the wow factor while feathers and snowy white owls add a charm and delicateness to the scene. The rich leathers chairs, glass table and mirror add reflective surfaces that make everything sparkle especially at night. Personally I adore the owls – so soft and cuddly there are also hints of this in the placemats. So comfortable a setting I feel like I would love to linger at this table until the wee hours of the morning.


Lastly here is a table top setting I found at Anthropologie at Rockerfeller Center that could be anywhere is your home to brighten up the atmosphere. What I love about this trend of contrast of textures – cosmic metallic sea urchins contrast against the sparkling snow  framed by lovely berch bark trees are presented under glass.

Winter Delights Table Arrangements Warms Coldest Hearts is about sharing Spansita’s take on luxuriating in the glorious shades of the winter season. These settings are meant to inspire self-care expression as a way of relaxing and finds the goodness in everyday life at home. You Winter Delight settings can linger until springs arrives bringing you days and nights of joyful living.

What Winter Delights scene are you inspired  to create in your home?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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