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What Does Being Adventuresome Really Mean?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

What Does Being Adventuresome Really Mean? Are you someone who craves Adventure like I do? With a capital ‘A’? For many of us we may define it on one plane and that is it is all about travel, seeking new cities and cultures around the world or taking huge physical risks to achieve an adrenaline rush.

Perhaps its going fast by taking this Porsche Racer on the track for a few laps? Or its taking on the surf of  maverick waves of a beach in a far off land? Or its building the unique home of your dreams that breaks of molds of convention?


However, being ADVENTURESOME can travel in different planes too. Here is a quote that opened my eyes to a more expansive view about its potential role on our lives.

“We have no idea what lies ahead or how God will open doors or potentially when we consciously choose to get out of the ruts we are in and start moving down new paths without about which we can be excited – Even passionate. Some think being adventuresome means taking a trip around the world, bungee jumping, or walking into a lion’s cage at the zoo. Not at all. It’s an Attitude, not a behavior. It’s daring to be curious about the unknown, to dream big dreams, to live outside the prescribed boxes, to take risks, and, above all, daring to investigate the way we live until we discover the deepest treasured purpose of why we are here.”

A Spanista Favorite Quote By Luci Swindoll.

I also love how Stone Creek Coffee define it. Check out this link. An Adventuresome Spirit means the acceptance of the unknown path for the (potential) betterment of one’s self.

What Does Being Adventuresome Really Mean? As July 4th comes upon us and we approach the half-year mark, ask yourself this question:

‘Would being more adventuresome increase the level of joy in your life?’

How can adopting a more adventuresome spirit increase your level of joy this summer and moving into the second half of the year? Make this your Self Care Reflection Time Theme as you move into the July 4th weekend. Consider how free we are here in America to pursue happiness. Are you living from the center of your heart’s purpose?

Take a private time to define it in writing – on your diary ipad, notebook or whatever way pleases you most. Spanista encourages you to start the process.

Over the next few days we will explore this topic more closely. So stay tuned. Always remember your comments are encouraged – i am especially keen to hear them on an important topic like this one.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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