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Courage Is A Super Power Check Out Nate Boyer’s Story

At 5-10 and 216 pounds, Boyer is consider to be a long shot to make the Seahawks roster. (Elaine Thompson/AP)PINIMAGE

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Courage Is A Super Power Check Out Nate Boyer’s Story begs the questionhave you heard or read the story of NFL Seattle Seahawks player Nate Boyer? Photo above of #48 Nate at 5″ 10″ by Elaine Thompson, AP.

Yesterday Spanista started a conversation about ‘What it means to be Adventuresome?’ and its potential impact on their lives. Today I want to take that one step further by sharing an inspiring link that was sent to me. On a personal note, this summer I am exploring the depths of my ability to take my humanitarian work to the next level. Once I read Nate’s essay – not one, twice but three times, I knew I could find the courage with in to take the next steps into uncharted territory.

Nate’s is an extraordinary story of courage. Courage on so many levels when I read it, I was rendered humble and speechless. Nate is not afraid to turn himself inside out and explore the recesses of his heart, mind and soul. His spirit inspired body responds accordingly, not the other way around.

Spanista often speaks of Self Care – Self Care can draw a direct correlation of Emotional Wellness and Self Worth. Do you think this is true?

It is clear that Nat Boyer does. He takes what is means to be adventuresome off the map. But in genuine pursuit of understanding what it means to live a meaningful life and be an American Today – Free to make choices no matter the circumstances while honoring what so many of us take for granted in this country.

Motivated by Shia LaBeouf’s recent viral video, ‘Do it.’ via You Tube, Nate Boyer tells HIS story for the first time in the essay ‘The American Dream’. In it he explains what moved him to leave his comfort zone in the U.S. and how that propelled him to serve in the Army, walk on at the University of Texas to be a first time football player and try to make an NFL team as a 34-year-old rookie. This is no ordinary NFL player story of humble beginnings with focus talent and hard work makes the big time. It is much, more than that.
You can read Nate Boyer’s ‘The American Dream’ essay as it appears in Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) by Peter King, Sports Illustrated here:
Courage Is A Super Power, Check Out Nate Boyer’s Story makes me think of Super Man the comic character. What gave him his real strength? Nate may have found it withinIt seems taking extreme action to realize your deepest desires and explore who you are – getting out of your comfort zone – can help you tap into your Super Power. It certainly is the case for Nate – one step into an extreme realm of purpose brought out a true understanding of the depth of his courage. And once he realized his inner strength from one experience he was able to draw upon this personal courage to expand it to help him tackle the next dream. That level of courage allowed him to take this Super Power to the next level for the next adventure. And so on. As we come upon the July 4th national holiday in celebration of America’s Freedom it is a blessing to see the world through Nate’s eyes. If you do one thing this weekend to honor our country I hope it is to read it.

Spanista Takeaway: Rather than spin through life, hurrying about to someone else’s agenda, Nate honors his time on earth by caring for himself in the deepest ways. What can we learn here? The most important person to focus on is you. Caring for yourself is honoring Spirit within and opens your heart. It starts with resting, breathing, and stepping away from pressures or worries. Take time to connect with your higher power through prayer and reflection. Seek to discover what you are really made of inside and life will unfold for you in unexpected ways. Caring for yourself does not take away from your ability to care for others. It energizes you and strengthens you. He proves Courage Is A Super Power!

Tomorrow come back for another story about ‘What it means to be adventuresome?’ It’s about one of my historic heros – someone I admire greatly. See you tomorrow!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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