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Tampa Reflection Walk Welcomes Nature’s Colorful Beauty


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Tampa Reflection Walk Welcomes Nature’s Colorful Beauty in an ever so stunning way. One of the things Spanista treasures is returning to local Reflection Walks along stunning Bayshore Boulevard and the Hyde Park neighborhood, no matter how long I am away. Things here just seem to be getting more and more vibrant – life affirming signs are everywhere.

This morning I started out early before the sun intensifies with a short calm period to set my intentions for today’s reflection. Spanista finds when I do not take time for ‘setting my mind right’ at the start of the day, it is easy to veer off into directions I hand not intended with my thoughts and actions. When looking back on the day, it simply does not turn out as peaceful or productive. Right now I have am facing a major change – I am reckoning with the fact that the days in Tampa, a place I loved spending time maybe coming to an end. So my intention is to absorb metal videos of its beauty to memory so that I can call up anytime and enjoy them.

Thought you might enjoy the visual feast – this morning an embarrassment of riches:

1. A delicate dragonfly enjoying morning breakfast ( I can hardly believe I got this shot of him – he waited for me to click and then jetted away.)


2. Mini white gardenias are a Spanista favorite for so many wellness reasons.


3.  Bold coral, fuschia and yellow please the eye and lift the spirit. See if you can find the squirrel in the pic with the yellow lilies.



There is a new adventure ahead as we look to move from Florida’s west coast where I have hung my wide brimmed hat for some time to the east coast. This is a time full of goodbye’s to treasured friends and experiences, but they will always remain in my heart as I hope they will for my friends. Spanista knows after many relocation moves this is a time when Self Care Rituals should be in honored – that it is especially important to honor ones feelings during a time of change.

So honor these feelings I will….

How have you dealt with change when you have relocated your home? Would love to hear from you with your words of wisdom from experience.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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