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National Prayer Day Dedication: Support Nepal Post Earthquake


Dear Wellness Seekers,

National Prayer Day Dedication: Support Nepal Post Earthquake is Spanista’s plea for sending prayers and financial support to your NGO of choice that is actively helping the relieve the pain and suffering both emotionally and physically. Thousands are homeless after the Nepal Earthquake.

Yesterday as I always I reviewed the Wall Street Journal and much to my dismay there was not one article of coverage on the aftermath of the earthquake – nothing on how the small but loving country of Nepal is coping much less surviving after the devastating natural disaster. I was crest fallen to think this event has passed though our psyche so quickly that it did not even register a followup story a mere 9 days since the event occurred on April 25th.

This little country has brought so much to the world:

1. The basin of the most awe inspiring mountain tops the boldest in the world being Mt. Everest and its sisters that draws a select few to take on the challenging life threatening climb.

2. Nepal borders Tibet at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. The doorway to Buddhism and the compassionate spiritual leader of the world – His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.

3. The small population of indigenous peace loving people of Nepal and Tibet are unlike any other in the world. World Heritage sites lure those searching for healing of heart.

4. A humble country with unusual natural beauty that welcomes all types of people from around the world with the same warmth to share their culture which thrives on one primary commercial enterprise and that is tourism which now has come through this screeching halt. Have you seen the movie Sevens Years in Tibet starring Bad Pitt?  See for the movie. It is a must see for insight into this magical little place.

How will these tiny population survive this devastation? Where will they live? How will they feed their children?

My personal passion for Nepal and Tibet stirred when I was quite young when I became enchanted with the stories of Sir William Hillary. Since then I collected every book written on the subject of Mt Everest. I enjoyed having a long dinner with friends and Mr. Peter Athens, a 7 time climbers of the summit who experienced success and misfortune scaling the mountain by having him address to the marketing agency where I was Chief Strategy Office. His stories are remarkable. He spoke of the the tenderness of the areas people, and especially the sherpas with deepest regard. I was smitten.

National Prayer Day Dedication: Support Nepal Post Earthquake is a plea not to forget this remote part of the world – please be compassionate.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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