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Spanista Suggests Togo’s Alaffia Equality, Empowerment, Beauty


Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Suggests Togo’s Alaffia Equality, Empowerment, Beauty if you are seeking a more from your beauty and hair care essentials. How about you? Are you ready to grow beyond ease of drug store beauty?

Finding Alaffia is a coincidental and happy discovery. I have a favorite organic market Green Acres, close to my home at the Village of Briar Cliff. It features an independent boutique collection of unique services and stores. This summer before I  took my humanitarian trip to Ghana Africa, I stopped in to explore the extensive beauty selection seeking more nurturing hair care. My current mass produced product is pricy but does not seem to be working like it first did.

I came upon Alaffia Collection as I scanned the shelves. The packaging spoke to me – rich looking colors. And message. Not having enough time so I Spanista-Suggests-TogoPINIMAGEdecided to take an iphone pic so when I returned and had a moment, I would research it online.  If you follow Spanista  you know I have an affinity for Shea Butter – its special powers work for me. Shea Butter is the oil from the nuts of the wild sea scattered throughout the wooded Savanna West and Central Africa. It is deeply rooted in history with a reference as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt. It is a staple in African pharmacology. For the best results, look for unrefined Shea Butter in products as it delivers the maximum amount of healing and moisturizing benefits.

Since I returned from Ghana, life has been so busy. Finally this weekend I
had a moment to explore Alaffia. To my surprise the story sparked my heart. I discovered the back story originates in Africa – coincidentally from a small country bordering Ghana! I was so very close the place where it is crafted. Perhaps when I return to Ghana there maybe a chance to visit this this tribe.

On the Alaffia website is a wonderful video of the story of Togo, its culture, Spanista-Suggests-TogoPINIMAGEits beautiful people especially the women who hold up ‘Half the Sky’. It is worth a few minutes to see the creation of the Shea Butter in Alaffia. It is  made by the loving hands of tribal women in the true original way. It is stunning to watch. Creating it is the means of economic support for  the women and children.

Spanista Suggests Togo’s Alaffia Equality, Empowerment, Beauty for its unique story but also because I love the way the product performs. Alaffia is a premium skin care collection that uses Alaffia Shea Butter while abiding by fair trade guidelines as the core ingredient of its collection. The shampoo has moisturized my hair like non other – helping its natural luster to return.

Salute to Green Acres for offering it. And big shout to Whole Foods and Dark Rye project for creating a video to tell the Alaffia story about the location, the source of the shea and celebrating the beauty of the women and children.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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