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Spanista Spotlights Healing Power of Prayer


Kansas City, The City of Fountains
Children’s Healing Fountain

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Spotlights Healing Power of Prayer in todays world is a real actionable way to bring faith into your personal agenda. Not everyone believes in the spiritual realm – that is the belief in a higher power’s grace but Spanista does.
Why? Because for years I have engaged in the practice and find
It is on the strength of this life experience I want to share a Self Care Reflection exercise you may find helpful. As we find ourselves in summer and holiday mode over the next 6 weeks it is a good time to do an audit on ourselves. Living in our modern society calls for a 360 degree view of health. To get a good picture I suggest using the scale of 1 to 10 – low number equates to low need for attention – high numbers mean high need of attention:
1. How are you feeling emotionally?
2. How are you feeling physically?
3. How are you feeling spiritually? 
Perhaps while taking a reflection walk this coming weekend consider these questions and flesh out the answers. Once you have a clear grasp of your  needs on these 3 questions it will help you set the right Self Care Agenda for the next 6 months ahead. Now pray in your own way for healing in the areas you feel you need.

Kansas City, City of Fountains
Children’s Healing Fountain

Spanista Spotlight Healing Power of Prayer can not be denied. For thousands of years, healers have used the power of prayer to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Thankfully now while we have many scientific remedies available, prayer remains a vital part of healing.
Pray on your needs, believe and you will soon be restored.

As I reflect, I envision God’s presence as a warm light flowing in and through me, renewing and restoring every cell of my being restoring my Total Wellbeing.

Part of healing is forgiving myself and others for any thoughts, words, or actions that caused hurt. Self Care Reflection in prayerful context make forgiveness possible. Thank you, God, for the renewing, healing power of prayer. ( To see more of America’s City of Fountains go to ) What do you think?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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