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Mid Summer Night’s Dream Spanista Style


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Mid Summer Night’s Dream Spanista Style opens up a conversation about the benefits of a beautifully appointed place of slumber. Ahhh yes… the virtues of a wonderous night’s sleep in a welcoming bed. Your personal space of dreams. Mid Summer Nights are treasured gifts in the middle of the season. For those lucky to be close to a lake, river or ocean waters you welcome hearing the rhythmic sounds of waves lapping against a dock or a boat as a lullaby to sleep.

Setting a wonderful decorative bed that changes with the seasons can help you feel like a queen or a king of your castle who has the means to joyfully indulge in the best of slumber. Nothing is as restoring as quality sleep.

This summer I attended a Shakespeare in the Park theatrical performance of Mid Summer Night’s Dream that delighted me so I was struck with inspiration to expand on the entertaining classic theme by bringing it into my home. Doing some research online I came upon this colorful depiction of the story so rich in warm  hues that I immediately set out to recreate the loving feeling it evokes it in my master suite. Yes, let art inspire life for the moment.


So I set to visit my favorite design studio Nell Hills at Briarcliff Village in Kansas City and discovered this fashionable bespoke ensemble created by a designer. The range of hues so aligned with the photo I was captivated.  The modern graphic mix on a pure black and white canvas with contrasting of cool water blues and sunny oranges with a dash of floras bring nature into your boudoir. This sets the mood  to relax my mind, heart and soul as I seek to set the stage for many restful nights.

Mid Summer Night’s Dream Spanista Style sets the perfect tone in my Master Suite. Since re-creating this scene at home I find this room calling me so I find myself napping more and retiring early many summer nights with a great book of fiction – getting lost in the story in this ever so comfortable dream like setting  makes for luxurious dreams. Love the cool feel of the 750 count Egyptian cotton sheets against my skin during summer nights. It is what summer nights should be – luscious with Spanista Style Self Care.

Perhaps your bed could use a little Self Care Makeover? It can make ALL the difference in so many ways. If you are so inclined, please feel free to share your Mid Summer Night’s Dream Story.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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