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Spanista Joy Coffee’s Rich Benefits Emerge Alas

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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Joy Coffee’s Rich Benefits Emerge Alas is great news for Coffee Lovers! The latest medical research offers us new insight. If your inclinations are to think this indulgence is not as bad a professed to be, maybe now we can feel vindicated.

Monday for the most part are positive and productive days for me but getting the right start on the day is essential. (Perhaps it has to do with being born on Monday?) Maybe I am not alone it this, so please weigh in here – The essential for Spanista is an eye opening great cup of coffee. But not just one, but two or three are part of my morning routine. When the rich aroma of great coffee fills a room and you can hardly wait to sip that first cup of the drink of the godessess, you feel fully alive.  It makes me feel alert, focused and enrgized. However over the years, we have been programed to think too much it is not a good thing. Something this good must be bad – making you feel guilty for enjoying more than one cup.

But yet, if you are like me, you indulge anyway because you feel somehow drinking it just works for you. Well the evidence affirms your instincts. So ready for the good news Coffee Lovers? Check this out: Research now shows that moderate coffee consumption may reduce liver and kidney cancer risk, a reduction in the rate of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and can reduce the likelihood of full blow dementia. It is high in antioxidants and can prevent oxidative damage to DNA.  Coffee has also been found beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and pancreatis as well as in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Now we feel affirmed but here is so much more – it is also about the Coffee Culture, more in the international vein, where drinking a range of berista crafted coffee’s is a joyful ritual of everyday life.  For the most part I seem to gravitate toward people who want to brainstorm over a cup of joe pr two. Working in the office lost its luster once I started traveling internationally. I prefer socially grounded environments especially as I work independently. Coffee people I find, are more adventuresome, more traveled more well read than non coffee drinkers – certainly more interesting. – enlightened in a really healthy way. ( More on this tomorrow.)

While in Kansas City I drink the local craft coffee of choice The Roasterie owned by Danny O’ Neill who has made coffee his life since 1978 when he picked his first batch of coffee beans in mountainous coffee-growing region of the Poas Volcano in Costa Rica.

Spanista Joy Coffee’s Rich Benefits Emerge Alas is joyful for Spanista as a Coffee Lover. Great coffee is more than a beverage. It is an adventure within every cup. Now we have solids links between coffee drinking and wellness. To the gilt we have been carrying around – Spanista says – Let it go!  Now enjoy a cup!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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