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Self Care Blossoms Artistically During Divorce

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Self Care Blossoms Artistically During Divorce is a heart-felt story of someone who is dealing with the trauma of separation from a loved one and the devastating feelings that emerge from experiencing divorce.  Have you been through a divorce? Or know someone who is going through one? There really is such deep emotional pain that turns you inside out, makes you question your self-worth and takes away any joy from living for extended periods of time. I know this from my own personal roller coaster ride the experience was amicable but still painful..

Spanista prays you never have to go through it. Everyone going through a divorce takes on the emotional blows in their own way. Some turn to indulging behaviors like drinking and eating, others use their creative devices to express the many emotionally high and low moments that come and go. This is the case of a guy who was recently dumped. He was in dispar yet turned to irony by taking a symbol of  his relationship with his spouse and interpreting it over time. My brother- in-law sent me this guys visually dynamic series because he knew I would appreciate it as an artist and whole host of other reasons. His name is Rafael Mantesso. He created this amazing photo illustration series that speaks louder than words – Dogs is Mans Best Friend Indeed.




Self Care Blossoms Artistically During Divorce is about sharing Rafael’s story with you because it is a fabulous example of spontaneous Self Care healing power. It is pure, clever and honest. The human psyche is extraordinary. In times of emotional trauma our instincts to survive kick in and our creative devices rise to the top to offer coping mechanisms to protect our emotional wellness. We just have to do something simple like pick up a pen and allow the feelings flow in a productive manner. Stay open to the flow of good in your life my friends no matter the circumstances because healing comes and joy returns – it is just covered up by a blanket of feelings. Finding you Self Care Way to channel them is a productive way forward.

Spanista hopes the response it is generating begins to heal him and help him feel his self-worth.

Salute to its creator.


To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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