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Obsession With Time A Grand Illusion?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Obsession With Time A Grand Illusion? Since I was very young I found myself transfixed with time pieces of all kinds – clocks and watches of all kinds. Of course preparing to head to Ghana, Africa I am conscious of the time zone change and having my Nixon Travel Watch to turn to in a rural area where the common public sources we have here in the US will not be readily available. Once I saw the pattern I tried to identify what the source of this love and pre-occuption is all about. Do you happen to feel the same way?

These are the questions I explore:

1. Is it the artistic circle design with the unique roman numeral placement that calls ones attention to count the hours?

2. Is it the call to watch time closely to monitor the progress of each day to be assured of living it well?

3. Or is it a mechanism that controls days as a means of jamming as much as possible into each day mostly driven by your work life?

The ultimate question is – how do you perceive time – Is it a friend or foe? Do we realize TIME IS AN ILLUSION?

The modern work world can force us into the habit of building our lives around the clock and routines of work life. Is this patterns in line with who you really are? Or is it driven by what you do?

The other day while browsing in a home fashion store Nell Hills with my sister-in law Trudi, when I commented about this 49 Bond Street, London clock I admired. Then she asked, “Did you ever noticed that clocks that are on display for sale at shops are always set with hands to 10:05 am?” I responded by saying – “Well now that you mention it, I do think that is true from my general experience of shopping around the world.”  And then asked, “Did I know why?”  “No”, I said. I was then told, “It is because the hands set in this way project a smile and once this was tested by shop keepers sales of clocks increased. So it became the best practice in shops.”

Ok then it does resemble a smile – Right!

Obsession With Time A Grand Illusion? So why do I share this story? Well Spanista does not think this is a coincidence. Clocks were created no just to help us monitor time – and worse yet control our lives as some have come to allow in their lives. It is an ally to give us the FREEDOM to choose how to live? TIME IS AN ILLUSION. The clock has made it so. Time can be repurposed to deliver your Emotional Wellness You are in charge of your life and the way you spend it. Perhaps is apprapo to find your joy in time

As you look forward to the second half of the year ahead – how will you perceive time? Perhaps is apprapo to find your view of time and joy in time to set your agenda and see what comes of your new awareness?

Let Spansita know how you go, ok?

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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