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Adventurous Times Ahead Ghana Africa Awaits

Adventurous-Times-Ahead-Ghana-Africa-Awaits.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Adventurous Times Ahead Ghana Africa Awaits opens up a another important dimension of Self Care – Giving Back To Create Positive Social Change from the Heart. It is funny how opportunities knock on your door and if you are paying attention too your personal needs you can walk through the door and forever be changed for the better.
That is how I feel about the joy that comes from humanitarian work if one aligns it with an active versus passive commitment. A commitment that puts one into real action. Amazing things happen when you step into the pool and immerse yourself not just lay in a chase by the pool.
This will be my first post on my humanitarian work with, where I am now Executive Director of the Abod Shelters Foundation and its role in strong Spanista Self Care practice. Hope you will enjoy this new Spanista feature and this first post.
Have you ever found yourself at just the right place at the right time?  Recently I felt blest to meet an impressive person for the first time face to face, who has demonstrated a commitment to AbodShelters. As I look back at the chance I took by extending an invitation to him to join our first fundraising event I staged in Florida, little did I know there would so many unexpected benefits. Perhaps you can recall an experience like this too?  Who knew the chance would trigger a flow of blessings!
Not only did we quickly discover we had loads in common, we also found common ways to carry forward the conversation we started that night on several topics including of course moving AbodShelters Foundation forward. But little did I know that meeting would set me on a new adventure in a far off place. This Sunday I will be joining him and the team on their next building mission trip and my first trip to Ghana, Africa.
I invited Doug who has a successful financial planning company Vander Weide Advisors and a leader with Kingdom Cares International to our event to tell his unique story about The sustainable Fishing Village his family – The Vander Weide’s, Doug and his lovely wife Dawn and 6 children, three of which are adopted and from Ghana, are helping to build in Azikuma on a beautiful lake. And share his experience on how building AbodShelters as residences and as service structures for health care is a modern, better solution.
Adventurous Times Ahead Ghana Africa Awaits People who know me know me well say I have an adventurous spirit. Always curious, I love the opportunity to explore new places, people and  cultures. Thanks to meeting Doug Vander Weide Ghana is next on this list. The Team will be building a new delivery AbodShelters. As Executive Director of The Foundation I hope to learn a great deal about the people, the culture and how AbodShelters can play a greater role in helping the people realize the benefits of our next generation of sustainable, quality, affordable housing that can be built in one day.
Self Care of this kinds delivers such joyful rewards it can sometimes be hard to put into words. Please share your story of giving back – Spanista would love to hear it!
To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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  • Kath - Ginny, I’m so proud of you! This sounds so exciting and quite an adventure. Have a safe trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • gshiver - Hi Kathleen. Thanks for your good wishes. The AbodShelters Foundation is indeed an exciting adventure as is the trip to Ghana. Will be in touch when I return with loads of updates for our Spanista Society. Thanks for being a loyal Spanista! To Your Journey To Joy, Ginny XOReplyCancel