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New York City Winter Nights Offer Spectacular January Magic


Dear Wellness Seekers,

New York City Winter Nights Offer Spectacular January Magic for everyone and its free to enjoy if you dress well to brave the night weather. This Friday morning, I thought your heart might be warmed by a visual story.

On the lighter side of life, when I find myself in New York City again in January I make a point of getting out to key landmarks around the city. After living here for several years I discovered the holiday sparkle – especially the outdoor lights and decorations stay up through January. This has now become a Spanista Ritual – a Nighttime Reflection Walk that focuses on one thing – sheer pleasure of taking in the EXPERIENCE of Winter Nights only Manhattan can offer. It creates a great memory.

What I love about it is:

1. It is simply beautiful- somehow when the weather is so very cold (this year wind chills around zero) the lights twinkle and dance in the clear air.

2. It extends the holiday spirit weeks longer making the city atmosphere more joyful and fun.

So today I bring you some of the lovely scenes I was able to capture with my iPhone 6 Plus (gift from hubby) while facing the brutal temps. Frankly I do not remember ever being so cold! I had to jump into stores and coffee shops every so often to warm up. But in the end it was all worth it.


Just one call out – St. Patrick’s Cathedral was just given its first exterior cleaning and renovation on the exterior. For a long time when I came by to see it was covered with scaffolding. That used a special technique to clean it. Just thinks of the years of city grit and grim on its skin now washed away to revel this amazing light bright site at night! It took my breath away. Juts had to share it. one cannot see the renovation on the interior yet but I can imagine that will be equally spectacular. Cannot wait to see it in the future. Near that of course is Rockefeller Center and the famous Charles Atlas Sculpture.


Of course, I was so happy to sit by the fireplace with a hot chocolate when I got back to my Hotel on the near central park. It was a night well spent – memories created. Enjoy the pics and let me know which one you like.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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  • Kathleen - Absolutely beautiful!!! Especially St. Patrick’s. Thank you so much for sharing all your travel adventures. Hope to see you soon my friend.ReplyCancel

    • gshiver - Thank you for that Kathleen. More adventures coming your way as I am now headed off to Las Vegas this week. Looking forward to seeing you soon for our Spa Day!ReplyCancel