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Loving Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls Valentine Tradition Bonds Family


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Loving Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls Valentine Tradition Bonds Family is a unique family story that’s ingredients are full of the richness of self care, love and a secret element that only Mom knew.

We lost my husband’s Mom in early 2014. We are coming upon the first anniversary soon so she has been top of mind for the family. Her three sons and their wives spent the weekend together on the east coast, in a relaxed sea-side town of Stuart, Florida. For the first time in many years we are all within 3 hours driving distance, not thousands of miles away, so this weekend was spontaneous get together to take advantage of a concert we all wanted to attend. My brother-in-law is a music lover-trivia aficionado so going to events like this is a real experience including before and after because of his detailed knowledge of the artists and music.

In spite of this fun event and all that come with it, the real hero of the weekend was Mom’s legendary cinnamon rolls. My dear sister-in-law who is married to the music man is the baking aficionado. She has taken the supreme task of trying to recreate Mom’s famous cinnamon rolls from the secret family recipe handed down to her from previous generations of bakers. To me Mom was a gentle sparrow – sweet, petite, college educated and one heck of a baker. I admired her spirit that far outweighed her size with a heart full of love for her family.

Now this baking task is indeed a labor of love because it takes a full day to work through all the essential steps to make them happen. Really! Valentines Day is the day she would make a batch for the boys in her life. The three lads would wake up in the morning to the smell of  cinnamon wafing through the house early in the morning. The boys loved them so much, a large tray would not last a day. Love was expressed through, around, in and with Mom’s cinnamon rolls. No words necessary you just felt it. This family tradition around the kitchen breakfast table is love personified in the purist form. Hand made love from the heart- enjoyed with hearty appetites – with love returned in this joyful experience that bonds us.

This is an old world recipe that will stay in the family. Happily the boys celebrated Valentine’s Day early thanks to our fantastic sister-in-law who surprised everyone with her gift of love. The boys wore smiles of joy when she made the announcement that she took all the steps that day to make the precious dough and would roll them for baking right in front of their eyes.


No one had a dry eye. We witnessed her take on this new art form and watched unique design go into the oven while our hearts swelled with love for Mom and her memory. Enjoyed immediately out of the oven. they were simply outstanding. As we enjoyed a Saturday afternoon coffee break with these luscious cinnamon rolls – fond stories of Mom rolled  into our conversation. We toasted her in lovely tribute and thanked her for he love and baking abilities. This was the first time we had enjoyed this delicacy since she became too frail to make them over two years ago. Thank you dear sister-in-law. One last word – the one secret ingredient was lost with Mom – while the rolls were outstanding – the touch of her self care love – an ingredient she personally loved is lost with her. Maybe it is as it should be – after all it was something she did just for herself, after all.

Loving Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls Valentine Tradition Bonds Family is a dedicated to her memory and her gift of love to all of us. We are all committed to enjoying carrying on the family tradition.

Do you have a family Valentine’s Day tradition that feels like self care?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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