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Top 10 Favorite Things While Visiting Stuart Florida


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Top 10 Favorite Things While Visiting Stuart Florida offers a beach dwellers view of enjoying quality time in an authentic sea-side town. This is a lifestyle that is uncomplicated, unpretentious, unexpected and under exposed. Thank goodness. I find this so appealing for people to know when life in most of the other 49 states is under a winter storm watch ever week making life really stressful in so many ways. My heart goes out the folks in New England  and the Midwest who are buried in snow. An easy trip to down the each coast to Florida can off respite from the storm and restore your heart, body and mind.

Welcome to another chapter of Spanista Travel Diary. Spanista thanks my lucky stars every morning when I wake for having the ability to call Tampa, Florida home. And now an extra plus is having the opportunity to visit family on Florida’s east coast allows us to discover even more about this wonderful environment that’s authentic  – more Key Largo and Miami.

Just for the fun, I thought you may enjoy experiencing my Top 10 Favorite Things about Stuart, Florida that I discovered on our visit.

1. Beach is breezy, bright and wild with surf and shells, wide opens spaces.

2. Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World for deep-sea fishing experiences.

3. Colorful Shake Shacks are sprinkled along the seaside.

4. Main Street lives with an array of tasteful shops, galleries and eateries.

5. Lively Farmers Market is a Sunday Ritual with one of a kind creative ideas.


Top 10 Favorite Things While Visiting Stuart Florida are plentiful so here are more:

6. Fresh flower combos are a feast for the eyes like these Orchids and Cacti.

7. Wildlife emerges at every turn like this Sand Hill Crane who adopted us.

8. One of a kind watering holes and eateries with congenial atmospheres.

9. Yummy fresh seafood along with many cuisines satisfies every taste bud.

10. Sunset bring about night lights that sparkle on the at every turn.

Spanista Takeaway: It’s simple. Warm sun and surf heal the heart, body and mind. Come back to see more in this chapter of Spanista Travel Diary.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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