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Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream Sensational Summer Treat


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream Sensational Summer Treat is adding another level of enjoyment to the remaining days of summer on the eastern seacoast of Florida.

When it comes to ice cream I am more of a traditionalist. I just love good old style american ice cream. Do not get me wrong I enjoy an occasional lemon gelato or a pistachio frozen yogurt too. But to me there is nothing better at soothing the savage beast on an overheated summer’s day than authentic handmade ice cream. The first taste – well it is just heavenly! Most of us are intone with Ben and Jerry’s inspiring complex combinations they are famous for but they really are over the top rich with ingredients and calories.

Alas I discovered something refreshingly simple and original. Spanista is really thrilled to share is the new unusual wellness twist some creative artisan ice cream makers are bringing to our great American treat.  The JeniPINIMAGEvegetable twist that is. This may sound adventuresome but it is really quite yummy to the taste buds. It is an especially welcome adaptation if you are already a vegetarian or a vegan. If you are a stylish foodie, you will really relish the rich color range vegetable ice creams presents to your eyes. While shopping my local fresh market I came across this fun veggie sculpture. Someone at play makes us smile and attracts attention tot hedged stuff. Inspired I make my way to the fresh cucumbers. I along standing summer salad mainstay my Mother made from our garden.

Recently I discovered this new world of speciality flavors Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio and I was thrilled to find it was easily accessible at Fresh Market here in Stuart.  She uses grass grazed milk from local farms in the green pastures of Ohio.Check out her website. It is really enjoyable for loads of reasons. But back to ice-cream exploration – how about Sweet Corn and Black Raspberries Ice Cream, or Ylang Ylang & Fennel.

Jeni’s Vegetable Ice Cream Sensational Summer Treat speaks to the soul of summer. The Wellness lifestyle comes from a consistent commitment to self-care with unique aspects german to every season. Ours to enjoy if we pay attentions tot natures gifts. Enjoying a treat like vegetable ice cream is a smart way to bring a balance to your sweet treat experiences. Enjoy every bite when you choose to indulge and leave any regret at behind.

Now after indulge I will use the remaining cucumbers to place over my eyes while I catch a way afternoon nap. Remember to treasure the last few days of summer with something special. Enjoy!!!!

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,



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