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Into Africa Adventure Day 1


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Into Africa Adventure Day 1 finds me in Accra, Ghana after my first night at a hotel in a neighborhood about 30 minutes from the airport. After quickly getting ready, the task for early morning is picking up Doug and JD my traveling companions who were delayed leaving the US.

Although I was told we were in an area called The Estates – upon looking out the window in full daylight it was unlike any neighborhood I had seen before. An eye opener indeed. I slept lightly and woke at 6 am – taking  several minutes to get oriented. So many new behaviors to engage in here  to keep well, right down to how you brush your teeth – every step you take has to be reconsidered. Michael my host tapped on my door indicating he was ready. We checked out and hit the road. My eyes  opened to find local people starting their days – heading to work, getting their stores set for trading and kids heading off to school in uniforms. Amazed by the heavy traffic and chaos on the road I just sat back and listened to Michael’s stories about life in Accra. The roads looked friendlier during the day – I was clearly the novelty while we road along attracting waves and stares.


We arrived at he airport with a taxi bus (tro tro here) tagging along as we would not get our collective bags into our little car which included  donations for the school. We found seats in the open air where other Africans are waiting. I took a breath to relax and looked around admiring the bright colors and sense of style of that is unique to Africa  – women’s nails were gelled – Michael Khors handbags over shoulders, beautifully braided hair stunningly shaped – pride in appearance is always an asset. All juxtaposed against brilliant Africa fabrics formed into personal self-expression. Love this as you see in this woman head wrap.

Alas, Doug and JD emerge from the International Exit with smiles and heavy bags. We greet warmly, happy to see each other and head to the car. After loading the vehicles Doug jumps behind the wheel of the car keen to drive the rugged roads. We work our way onto major roads and head to the local mall where we get cash exchange before heading on the three-hour road trip to the bush in a village of Asikuma in eastern Ghana. In a couple of spots going out of the city traffic puts us at a full stop. The car is swarmed like bees to a hive as vendors approach to sell everything at your window. We indulge in street food – large donut like rounds by US standards. Yumm – a bit of local flavor with bottled water takes the edge off. I trust Doug’s recommendations on food that is safe to eat.

As we move on down the road I see such contrasts – Michael and Doug commence a conversation about all the happenings of the Fish Farm, medical clinic, orphanage and school. I take it all in – Raw, raw, raw is the word the burns on my brain.

Soon we find ourselves at a river where we must take a ferry to cross because the bridge is being rebuilt after being destroyed in a storm. I like fairies as I traveled over Lake Michigan via car ferry. After and extended time watching all the women vendors work hard to make a living we buys water, and a snack to show support and help the waiting time pass.

After we arrive on the other side make tracks to Asikuma. Arriving in the Village one feels the welcoming warmth of the people as they smile and way along the street. We arrive at M Hotel where we meet the owners Mabel and New Life who know Doug well as this is his usually home away from home.   We have lunch at he restaurant and get our rooms sorted out – then we outline the work goals for the week and begin to greet many people who know Doug well and are happy to see him.Into-Africa-Adventure-Day-1-7.jpegPINIMAGEInto-Africa-Adventure-Day-1-8.jpegPINIMAGEInto-Africa-Adventure-Day-1-9.jpegPINIMAGE

Into Africa Adventure Day 1 has brought us to our destination. Spanista is happy to know where home will be for the next few days –  it next few days will be full of physical building activity. Loads to accomplish as we build AbodShelters facilities here. I am humbled and grateful to be here doing somethings that really matters with Doug.

Tomorrow we will explore the area and the site for our building work.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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