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Friday Wellness Tip: Humanitarian Vacation’s Rock


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Humanitarian Vacation’s Rock is a new happy discovery. This was the first time I traveled to another country to perform humanitarian work with the mindset that I was on vacation rather than the mindset set of working hard. It was a huge paradigm shift for me that provided a news lens to experience my time devoted to my purpose in going to Ghana, Africa. Even though the completing the work is exactly while I was going. So many times in my life I traveled to
As a result I after 8 days away, I AM REINVIGORATED BY MY VACATION in multiple ways – forever changed because I choose to see and do things outside the point of view of work. Everyday while considering what I needed to accomplish for AbodShelters, I looked for ways to really immerse myself into the people, culture and way of life – transport, food, destinations and going outside the norm to experience the real side of life in Ghana.
Here is how I changed my approach:

1. I move at a lively pace as I prepare to take a humanitarian vacation. How freeing it is to decide how, when, and where I will spend my time to enjoy each moment to the fullest while planning how I will accomplish my building projects and relationships. The 30 minute mototaxi rides from the village along a winding dirt road to the lake where we are building the AbodShelters was a real adventure.

2. I make new friends with the view of relaxed joy. Leaving the need to achieve a work objective behind. Only to find it is accomplished with out effort because of the positive atmosphere created.Friday-Wellness-Tip:-Humanitarian-VacationPINIMAGE

3. I open up to learn about a different region and culture, and take in the stunning beauty of nature. I am stopping periodically to take in the moments and breathe, to enjoy the local flavors like these fruits – to burn the images in my brain as a positive memory.


Friday Wellness Tip: Humanitarian Vacation’s Rock offers a new way to look at how a humanitarian trip can be really rich with discovery and joy that enhances the rewards of giving back no matter what type of mission trip you might be on. My Ghana trip was life changing as a result.

Congratulations to anyone who took personal time to make a difference in the world. A personal thank you for your devotion to humanity.

If you have a humanitarian vacation story you would like to share – Spanista would love to hear it. Or if you want to explore options see this USA Today article for some ideas.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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