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Good News Monday: Welcome Summer With Trending Healthy Cocktails


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Welcome Summer With Trending Healthy Cocktails makes me smile with anticipation in more ways than one.  Especially because I get to share it with you. With Summer comes lazy weekend afternoons where the backyard patio beacons you to relax in a chaise lounge, with a good book, and a favorite libation. A yes to lovely, blessed summer.

As we move into this great time of year, I see a lot more chatter across the country amongst cocktail masters and those of us who enjoy the new mixology of these creative souls about the movement toward new cocktail ingredients. They are not only fresh to the taste but also fresh from your local organic market.  Several months ago while I was staying at the Fashion Island Good-News-Monday:-Welcome-Summer-With-Trending-Healthy-Cocktails-2.jpegPINIMAGEHotel in New Port Beach California, I was introduced to my first twist on this notion with a pomegranate infused champagne. Yummy. I was reminded when flying American Airlines while dipping into American Way Magazine. It was in the Food & Drink Feature titled – “Happy Hour Health Kick”.  I soon discovered the trend has gone to another level with ‘eat your drink’ concoctions really coming into a new realm.

Yes, this trend did start in Los Angles where healthy eating was born. Modern legend has it barkeeper Matthew Biancaniello pioneered the trend seven years ago, when he set up the first healthy spin bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Now he seeks to mimic the local farmers markets he haunts in search of fresh, organic ingredients. His bar looks more like a buffet with all the fresh foods beautifully lined up waiting for their culinary cocktail calling.  Biancaiello’s passion for delicious, good for you drinks led to his new book, Eat Your Drink: Culinary Cocktails, featuring more than 50 recipes that follow the structure of a meal.

The real goal says Biancaniello is, “Not to experience the typical hangover because the antioxidants protect your cells and Good-News-Monday:-Welcome-Summer-With-Trending-Healthy-Cocktails-1.jpegPINIMAGEmakes the alcohol less harsh on your body.” Spanista says Amen to that.

The theory seems palatable but it is yet to be scientifically proven, however there are doctors embracing the direction and one has actually designed a cleansing cocktail. No matter, I feel like it is a smart way to go for those of us who still want to have some fun but want to minimize the down sides. After all a cocktail infused summer soiree or two is part of a well lived season. So this Memorial Day Weekend if you are hosting a gathering, why not offer your guests an opportunity to try something new with healthy inspiration from Matthew’s Cocktail menu?

Good News Monday: Welcome Summer With Trending Healthy Cocktails opens up a conversation about your favorite take not this idea. I experimented with one this weekend by stirring up something simple. I want to grow into this new style. How about you? Do you believe it is possible to offset the impact of alcohol with a mix of additives like antioxidants that may have you feeling better than you might usually? Happy Healthy Cocktails to you!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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