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Good News Monday: True Joy Effect, Just A Thought Away


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: True Joy Effect, Just A Thought Away offers inspiration at a time when we may need it most. I was speaking to a dear family member who shared a blue feeling this weekend. Spanista suggests an antidote if anyone finds themselves of a similar mindset.

While the celebratory gift giving experiences maybe behind us now, with them may have gone the exhilaration we seek. If you are like me, the preparation and anticipation that goes with ‘the giving’ process and how the seeing the  recipients reaction when they open it, may bring about a special kind of joy. This type of  ‘joy’ reaches its crescendo at that those special moments and unfortunately quickly dissipates. Like a holiday balloon that lost its air too quickly, one may feel the post giving emotional let down.

While giving or receiving a gift may be a source of happiness, unadorned JOY is itself one of the greatest gifts we can experience. JOY lifts my heart. As I exude happiness, others are uplifted as well. That is one of the core values of Spanista.  How about you? See The VALUES tab for more on the subject.

However, did you know the power to experience real JOY is in ours hands ever moment of every day? We do not need to believe it is illusive. One just needs to be self aware of the signals around us – they are everywhere if we put our consciousness on receiving it.

Joy may be quiet, such as the tug at my heart I feel when I see a child happily Good-News-Monday:-True-Joy-Effect,-Just-A-Thought-Away-1.jpegPINIMAGEplaying with a new toy. It maybe the rapture of fresh white roses (my favorites) brought into my home to bring in the New Year. Or it may be boisterous, like shared laughter that brings tears to my eyes over a casual family lunch. All TRUE JOY is an experience of the heart—an awakening experience of Spirit within us. We can even bring it on with the recall of a happy memory.

Ultimate TRUE JOY is yours always. It is your mindset that matters. The effect is just a thought away. No matter the circumstances you find yourself in this week remember to set your intention on TRUE JOY.  Watch your attitude shift as an internal smile emerges that warms your heart. Do not allow yourself to give into any less this week.

Good News Monday: True Joy Effect, Just A Thought Away is a gift for you. No matter if you are returning to your regular routine this week or experiencing a holiday break, be mindful of the effects of this approach as you go along your life this week. With a little practice it will become a way of living you will not want to be without. And it is simply a matter of being mindful with the intention of living TRUE JOY everyday.

Let me know what TRUE JOY EFFECT does for you.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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