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Good News Monday Giving Back Playbook Motivates Action


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday Giving Back Playbook Motivates Action by way of solid guidance on alternative ways to make a difference. As you may recall, with Spanista Philosophy as a model, I took the month of January to assess where I have been in 2014, where I want to go and to mindfully plan how I want t o get there. By traveling most of the month, I was offered a great opportunity to sort out what is really important to me and how my life should be guided by it the rest of 2015. This is not about a list of should do’s, it is a a thought process that operates at a much higher level. Its is ore about setting the right intentions and building your world around it, which I have learned is takes learning new approaches to achieve joyful living.

Spanista believes joy blossoms within when you believe you have the freedom to make mindful choices about the direction of your life – establishing Self Care as a top priority lays the ground work for major adjustments – it becomes more about how you manage your energy to fuel a great life versus how you manage your time.  As I look back, I have come to realize the importance of ‘Giving Back’ to fueling my positive energy.  This means it will be on my list of Self Care Essentials that I am outlining for the new year.

True clarity arrived in my heart after I upon this special issue of Marie Claire in my styling salon. I have come to realize there are no coincidences, as I paged through it there was an immediate opening up of my heart when I came to the feature “So You Wanna Change the World”. (Remember they key uncovering joy is getting out of your head and into your body – where you FEEL JOY.) This was a thoughtfully crafted playbook for women in any stage of their lives to guide them into the giving back lifestyle. The question to ask yourself when you see ideas like this is: Do you feel the desire to take action? Are you ready to move to action?

What moves me? There is a deep sense of humility, loving of humanity and satisfaction that arrises from giving back experiences. It feels like a beautiful form of intoxication from this emotional cocktail. Sheer bliss that becomes addictive no matter how much you do – you want to repeat the feelings  – so why not it has to do more with commitment and consistency.

The good news is Marie Claire put the Playbook together for us. I salute the Editor-In-Chief, Anne Fulenwider on this splendid issue. It is one I will keep on my cocktail table as I immediately ram out to get a copy to really ponder the pearls of wisdom with in about this important subject.

The time is right to embrace our role as Citizens of the World. Do you agree?

Here are a few of the topics that resonated with me in the Giving Back Playbook:

1. ‘Start With What You Know by Venessa Kerry’ ( John Kerry’s daughter).

2. ‘Let your Talents Guide You’

3. ‘Buy Your Way To A Better World’



Good News Monday Giving Back Playbook Motivates Action hopes to inspire you to take the first step or step up your involvement if you are already in motion. As the globe slowly recovers economically, the time is right to embrace our role as Citizens of the World. To Spanista, it is a Self Care Essential for joyful living.

Do you agree? Is this the year for your to adopt giving back as a Self care Essential? What would you like to do to make a difference?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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