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Friday Wellness Tip Self Care Massage Releases January Tensions


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip Self Care Massage Releases January Tensions. What a welcome relief. Can you believe we are moving into the last day of the month? When I look back at January I feel like I did my best to live life to the fullest. But with that comes a fair amount of stress – traveling via trains, planes and automobiles from city to city, sleeping in different beds, carrying heavy bags, meeting loads of new people and getting less sleep than I like.

All this depletes the body, mind and soul. The high energy vibrations and intensity of external stimulus is absorbed into the heart with invisible affects.

As a virtual friend and fellow wellness seeker, Spanista is here to remind you that scheduling a Massage Ritual every month in 2015 is a Self Care Essential.

You need the proper time to get quite and focus on unwinding – giving your heart time to rest in solitude while a talented therapist takes full advantage of the opportunity to open the flow of positive energy so it flows evenly through your body. You need to remove any blocks in your body and mind that prevent this open flow. The focus it on the blocks you do not yet realize have built up. The aim is not to wait until you get to the point of physical pain before you realize you need this attention.


Heeding my own Spanista advice, I took time to escape to the Spa in the Golden Nugget Hotel before I got on a plane in Las Vegas to return home.

Just a few short floors away this was an opportunity I could not miss. A sauna bath before the 50 minute massage treatment and then again after did a world of good

Friday Wellness Tip Self Care Massage Releases January Tensions is Spanista’s dedication to reminding you to take this weekend to de-stress and start the new month out with a fresh start – body, mind, heart  in sync.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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