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Friday Wellness Tip: Plan Your Autumn Getaway


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Plan Your Autumn Getaway to your favorite hideaway. Yes the time is now. When Spanista saw The First Autumn Leaf while out walking this week I was a bit taken back. I know the Fall Equinox arrived Wednesday but seeing my first fall orange infused leaf on the side walk made my head snap back to see where it came from. Now this was an odd moment. Why? Because when I looked around to find the tree of its origin not one had an inch of similar color on it! Every tree and bush around me was still fully green!

Suddenly I felt flushed, full of wonder with the origins of this beautiful lonely leaf. Spanista immediately took it as a sign that this season would we one of wonderment and joy.  And that Spanista’s purpose was to share this message with you. The colorful leaf was saying – Time is right to stop and breathe in the fresh air and all this unique season has to offer us. Grab a expresso drink and your ipad to explore local events and a destination where Autumn can be experienced in its fullest glory to take in the colorful beauty – the delicious tastes, scents, sounds, auromas. Try checking out Fall Travel Channel Getaway Ideas.


Friday Wellness Tip: Plan Your Autumn Getaway will allow you the feel the fall breezes blow through you clearing your mind and soul. This beautiful scene above is the promise of what is to come. This Season of Spanista message is everyone deserves to take this special yet fleeting time absorb the season’s gifts before the long winter sets in. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it with your loved one. Fall 2016 will pass and never come back again  – what will be your lasting memory? Perhaps it is quality self reflection moments as your sip a deep burgundy wine with apricot brie while your sit by an outdoor patio fireplace and look up to see the stars in the indigo sky while in the cool crisp air? Why not?

Why not take this weekend to explore the possibilities? Enjoy!

Fall Travel Channel Getaway Ideas…/15-relaxing-fallgetaways Fall Travel Channel Getaway Ideas

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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